Attention all completionists!

Hello all, I’m making a post today to see if I can grab any help I can to basically just do one kill of each of the raid bosses to complete each mission for all of the achievements. I’m very close to getting all of the achievements. Example, I just need to kill Terra for base game. Vora for hammerlocks hunt… e.t.c. I’m a level 48 krieg, going to be getting level 50 and above today. I don’t have the greatest gear. I love borderlands but I’ve beaten it about 7 times and just don’t have the will power to get to level 72 and grind for all of the gear. If somebody could help me out that would be fantastic. Thanks. Xbox one gamertag is LifeLikePlants . I also do not have a mic which sucks I know…

You said XB1 GT but you posted in 360 section - so which is it?

If you’re on XB1 I can’t help you, other than to point out that if you’re really struggling to kill a certain boss in TVHM solo, and you just want to clear the achievement, you can always drop back into normal mode. I am not ashamed to admit that that’s what I did!

It’s actually xbox one. Sorry, I’m new to using the forums here and I didn’t see any xbox one section.

Also, I will be dropping down to normal mode anyway. Just don’t know if I can still handle it. I need to do all the raid bosses but I’ve never done any of them except for Terra a couple years ago. I’ve looked up some gear I need for krieg I honestly just don’t feel like getting all of the gear. :confused:

It’ll be listed under “Handsome Collection”; unfortunately, the way the categories were created to accommodate THC has badly fragmented a lot of the discussion around specific games.

Anyway, here you go:

Whoever the kid was the kid that joined my party and left should come back into my game I was just about to message you then you left…

add my gt frixity I usually do all raid bosses for fun

Thanks for the reply guys!got it all figured out thanks to x iDuffster x

I can help you with gear, gamer tag ItsMrDeath2You