Attention Gearbox about Lasodacty

Haha no worries. I’m glad I did, because it was a pretty good one for my Flak red fang build. Good damage, radiation and gamma burst annoint haha

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I agree that they need to fix that ledge. I have had it happen on a number of occasions so I try and make sure he is positioned away from that area before I finish him off as well as the cliff.

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Was going to do that to. Get him down then finish him facing another way.

You’re in the wrong place. It was marked incorrectly on Lootlemon - Hydrogoian and Lasodactyl locations were switched. When you’re in the right place, he will spawn in front of you and fly toward you at first then swerve to a side. Make sure you DON’T kill him when he’s a bit away from you because he can drop the legendaries in places you can’t go!