Attention in regards to Gearbox games

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #1

Thanks to the Steam Autumn sale, Gearbox software and publishing games and many other games are on sale.

Wat this means is that the Battleborn Story Upgrade is 8 dollars/euros now and you can buy the story mode and 25 core characters or buy this to gift it to friends/people that want to try the game out.

you can also promote this. The important thing is that action is taken.

(Brute 912) #2

But I want Battleborn 2 now… :3

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #3

I think that Battleborn: Reborn aka Season 2 would be better. For that to happen, we need to increase the playrbase on PC.

So promote Gearbox games that are on sale now during the Steam Autumn event and bring us more players into Battleborn and more members in the Gearbox community! :smiley:

(XB1: Abattoirista) #4

Not to sound defeatist, but I think we need more than to get a bunch of people to buy the game for cheap, see that the playerbase is still really small and that no new development is coming, and then trickle away again.

At this point, everyone who could conceivably be working on Battleborn has been put to work on Borderlands 3 and other stuff (or are no longer with the company). I can’t imagine the miracle it would take to convince Gearbox to actively take resources away from BL3 development and revive development on Battleborn, and then justifying it to the gaming press and customer base. Because that is what we’re talking about – convincing people that Battleborn is what they want more than the thing they’re all annoyingly screeching about in comments literally any time the word ‘Gearbox’ appears on social media or in a news article. Personally, I’d rather have BB than BL at this point, but then there’s a lot of things I’d like to have that aren’t going to happen.

A sale like this is a perfect opportunity to show Gearbox that it’s worth it to keep the servers running a little longer for the players we’ve got, but let’s not pretend we have any influence beyond that.

(Brute 912) #5

@DrIvanRadosivic “Battleborn 2” is just a code name for season 2. I learned about it after reading one of Mental Mars articles from his site. Check it out. But keep it a low profile. :wink:

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #6

More players as well as WEEKLY Community party ups to raise awareness to the underrated awesome Battleborn is and give a rally point for Matchmaking would be beneficial to the game.

From my understanding, Borderlands 3 is in the “almost released” phase.

(XB1: Abattoirista) #7

Um, we don’t even have a release date yet, or even an official set-in-stone announcement as to the game’s development, just leaks and teasing from the company. As far as anyone knows, we’re months away from a release date and almost certainly at least another year between the announcement and when the game actually comes out. And then there’ll be DLC development after that.

I guess my point is not to hold your breath. I wanna see Battleborn rally as much as anyone here, I do. But barring a miracle, we’re not gonna get enough players to justify Gearbox spending the time and money to fix the technical problems the game has and finish the balance patches they talked about before they stopped development, let alone produce new content.

Let’s focus on something more realistic, like justifying the continued operation of the servers for the folks still playing. Feel free to pray for a miracle in the meantime, though, because who knows what might happen.