So as you all may know, this weekend we’re going to have a few Events going on; I would like to take advantage of it by playing this weekend…BUT I want to do so with a specific purpose, to gather lots and lots and lots of LOOT.

“Hey Explosions, how do we do that?” You might ask, well let me tell you.

It requires that you agree to PURCHASE LOOT BOOSTERS and PLAY during this weekend.

“What are Loot Boosters, Mister?”

Loot Boosters are boosters bought with Platinum which allow for you to get bonus loot after winning a PvP or PvE game.

“Oh, that sounds nice, what do you need us for? Can’t you do that alone, buddy?”

NO. Here’s the thing, the more people you play with with the Loot Booster Purchased (and activated) in your party, THE MORE (and better) LOOT YOU GET!

This is how it works.

They boost the same in PvP or PvE.
You at least get one bonus common pack every match, win or lose.

If you WIN the match (PvP or PvE):

with one teammate running a loot booster:
** Everyone on the team gets a bonus Core Pack.
with TWO teammates running the loot booster:
** Everyone on the team gets on Core Pack and a Random Faction Pack
with THREE teammates
** Everyone on the team gets an Epic Pack and a Random Faction Pack
with FOUR teammates
** Everyone on the team gets 1 Core Pack, 1 Epic Pack, 1 Random Faction Pack
with all FIVE teammates running the boost
** Everyone on the team gets 1 Core Pack, 1 Epic Pack, and 1 Legendary Pack or Random Commander Faction pack

Anyways, if you’re interested let me know! I need 4 other people who are willing to purchase Loot Boosters this weekend. We can all decide on a day to do this during this weekend.

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What modes are you trying to utilize this in?
I’d be up for it, but only with a guaranteed 5 man. I find the boosters (xp or loot) lackluster without the stack, which I feel was intentional.

More importantly, maybe wait on this? I’d think during a lootpocalypse would be the best time to do something like this.

This IpayUrFriendz? Should add your PSN name

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Yeah guaranteed 5-man is what I want, otherwise it really isn’t worth it to me.

and I think now is a good time as any, honesly. Who knows when the next lootpocalypse will be, and I can just do it again if anything.

and yeah, iPayUrFrenZ is indeed my PSN.

What time? I’m down for it. Psn Jme-B

Well if this happens, count me in. That brings us to 2/5.

Reach out when you get the other 3.

I thought so, we got a few good runs earlier. Hopefully you’re a step closer to being done with your diamond runs

What day would work for you guys? Preferably something in the morning/early afternoon EST so we can play into the niiight in order to make the most use of the boosters.

I can do anywhere between 11am EST to like midnight+ or w.e (taking a few breaks here and there for food and hygiene lol) .

Modes can be anything from PvP to PvE. We need to WIN the match, the shorter they are, the better.

@ckgz800873 I’ll let you know. I think we may be 3 right now assuming Jme-B joins us.

Speed Runs for the sake of just pure LOOT would be best. lol

Oscar Mike OPS looking good right now since that can be done quickly, get 100 OPS and we’ll get an extra command pack for our troubles.

Whenever is fine with me. I believe I’m 3 hours ahead (PT, it’s 12:57PM here for reference) so factor that in.

Other than that, whenever is cool. I play on mute 90% of the time, so I can tolerate endless Mike Op runs no problem. :slight_smile:

You’re 3 hours behind. So by the time I’m dead tired, you’ll still have sunlight to burn. lol

Ah right! I meant behind of course! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So… does that mean we won’t work, or do I just start 3 hours earlier to compensate lol.

I too am on EST. I am usually up around 9 AM or close to that. I’m up till about 11 pm. Yell at me. Send request for friend. Psn message me. Whatever. I get the messages on my phone unless psn is having hiccups.

Depending on what time we decide, it’d just be a matter of you getting on 3 hours earlier and/or everyone else staying up a bit later which I don’t mind. [quote=“ckgz800873, post:9, topic:1555060, full:true”]
Ah right! I meant behind of course! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So… does that mean we won’t work, or do I just start 3 hours earlier to compensate lol.

@creautions I’ll send you a request when I next sign in or you can send one my way and I’ll accept it when I get on.

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Gonna bump this since I’m looking to do this today and or over the weekend. Most likely can be set up for tomorrow (Saturday) from 8am PT to whenever.

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I’m super hyped for this because I’ve been running the boost since the update and I’ve asked in my groups. The ones with mics have ALL said no. No one else has indicated that they are. So yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s been a waste.

We’re still missing 2 more to be a group of 5.

at 3 the most we’d get is an Epic and a Faction pack, which isn’t bad, but 4 and 5 is where it’s at! If any of you two have 1-2 other people you could ask, do so. Even if we end up with more than 5 it’s good in case somebody needs to leave or take a break or w.e

So…2 more peeps for tomorrow, any takers? Could also be on Sunday. I already got the boosters just waiting to activate 'em. I got 2 so I can do it for 48 hours!

I’m still down for 3 of 5! There’s a particular epic I still need. Need need.

Yeah, but I’ll still see if I can get 2 or 3 more before the end of the day.

It’s just 370 platinum for the chance to have all that your heart desires!!!
C’mon people! lol

Did you ask on reddit?

I don’t have/use Reddit, feel free to do so if you know how. Lol
It might actually be easier to get a group going If what I hear about Reddit is true.


Thanks, although that link doesn’t load up for me for some reason. takes me to a blank page. o.o