Attention!!! Translated using google translator !!!

I play Borderlands 3, (account makei4444).
I have an idea for one gun. I did not play
`` saint row ‘’, but I know about the presence
of a dubstep gun in it. You used 7000 soundtracks as far as I
know in the recording of sound effects for
weapons. That is, you could write dubstep from these
tracks (YES … I LOVE DUBSTEP), and use this track
as one effect for shooting. For example: a kick is
a shot of a shotgun, a synthesizer is a laser shot,
I don’t know what to pick up for bass … Well, in general,
the code is played by bass, a synthesizer and a kick - it shoots
a shotgun, a laser and something for bass at the same time .
I know that such a weapon will be ultimatum, so that it is
often not used, it will absorb all types of ammunition,
and if there is no ammunition for the shotgun, then she will not shoot.
I also think that this should be the weapon of the children of the vault.
It will overheat, when the track ends, the repair time will
be 5-10 minutes (this is not for me to decide).
For alternative shooting, you can write another track
(or five, so that they are chosen randomly).
Thank you for the wonderful third part. I wish you creative success.

There is already a gun in the game very similar to what the Dubstep Gun does in Saint’s Row it just doesn’t play an actual Dubstep song when used but it does have a dubby electronic kind of boom on top of the gunshot noise. It is called The Killing Word and drops from Mouthpiece early in the story.