Atticus has way too much survivability at lower levels

I really don’t fight against him much to have had an opinion prior, but was just in a match where me as Rath at lvl 3 and another El Dragon lvl 3 were beating on this level 4 Atticus. He manages to kill me and also escape after both of us pounding on him. WTF?

I want to know this Attikus players secret. Who has survivability as him at level 4.
I must kill him and absorb his power…

Erm I mean. Yes, very interesting.


Given that the prevailing opinion of Attikus is that he’s pretty terrible until level 7 or so, it’s kind of funny to see this complaint.

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Perhaps the problem was you used two melee characters to try and take him on. Just have ranged characters shoot at that bullet magnet and he goes down no problem at early levels.

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I really have nothing to offer this post but sacasm and ridicule and I’m sorry.

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…Is this a joke thread?


He has an early helix that gives life steal after pounce, but in practice it didn’t feel to me like it did very much. Maybe I’m just terrible with him.

Hedronic Siphoning+Invigorating Pounce+Tenacity+Dampening Field?
If he pounced, that’s 8 seconds of 30% life steal, and once those are up he activates Hedronic Arc to get 15% lifesteal and -30% damage to people he shocks and being melee would make you both vulnerable to this. Tenacity just amps up his damage to get that kill on you, especially if he combined this with a +attack speed piece of gear. But he could have also gone with Brawler’s boon to have even more survivability.

Atticus is hands down my favorite melee character to play with. At lvl 4 is all i really need to do work against other players. Cuz by that time ill have some of my gear active and can pretty much bust anybody ass and ppl are surprised cuz i can get 10+ kills with him easy

But…Rath and El Dragõn have pretty low HP. it’s not supriseing comparing base kits. Atti has hedronic arc passive to consider. If he doesn’t dump his skills he pens sheilds free. Can we stop yelling Nerf as soon as a character dose there job? It’s like a kid barely being touched and he yells I CAN’T BREATHE!!!

Old hat man…


The last Incursion map I played Attikus had the highest deaths and possibly the lowest kills, so, no, he doesn’t have too much survivability at lower levels. The trick to defeating him is to not take him one-on-one in melee range. If you’re a melee character, make sure you have a ranged/healer support behind you and you can kill him quickly. In fact, I think Gal was the one who scored most of those deaths and she’s “nerfed”.

Yeah I can play a character badly as well and for someone to take that one example as gospel for the character is silly.

Yo dawg I think Atticus is week as hell bro!!! I tried him and kept dying I don’t know whats up can yoyu help me learn him bro???

That’s just one example. Another is a friend of mine tried playing him in story mode, but kept going down the most because Attikus is not very tanky despite having a large health pool. So, yes, this fool does know what he’s talking about. :dukejk: I think the reason you two were getting your asses handed to you was because the player you went up against knew how to play him and while Rath may be a melee monster at low levels, El Dragon is not until level 5 and later. I’m not surprised Attikus won that match, but that doesn’t mean he needs a nerf. If anything, he needs a bit of a buff because any ranged character worth their salt can easily take him out. Hell, I could probably do it with an on-leveled Montana and ISIC ranged or a Galilea melee. Let’s face it, you and your friend took two squishy melee characters and tried to take down a beefy one that was a level ahead of you. I’m not surprised you both lost that bout.

Uhh, that can be said about any ranged vs. melee character so that’s the lamest reason for a buff I’ve ever heard.

Wow ONE whole level, for someone as you claim isn’t even tanky. Which one is it?

Maybe the player was stacking defensive gear? I tend to stack +HP items on my characters, and I’m pretty sure more than a few people would have been left scratching their heads after failing to kill me…



I’m pretty sure with over 400 hours in the game now that I can make just about any character seem OP.