Atticus Rendain challenge - Solved

Hello all, i want to shed some light on a topic that is very debated. The 12 hit critical smash fest on Rendain’s “I’m not Dracula” face.

Some pointers. As soon as you get his shield down in the opening of the fight to a sliver left, stop using his RT, and focus on his Alt fire. That one shot with his fist will take away the last of his shield and enable you to get 1-2 crits right on his face beofre the cutscene. This takes timing and practice, but it can be done everytime.

After the boss fights and with round two, you want to lure him to the top pillar of the ziggurat (the structure with the two steps of stairs and large raised platform covered in snow), here you should get to the high ground and as he comes up from the stairs to the level youre standing, smash him in the face. Make sure your reticle is aligned with his little pinhead. Repeat this as needed. Aim for his head! It must be his face and not his chest like some others have suggested.

The final piece of advice for this, and i celebrate this information as i got 9 in one go today, when he is defeated and having his ghostbuster seizure attack in mid air, aim for his head area and spam the alt fire! I got my last three hits during this phase and i dont think many people know he is vulnerable here.

I’m on my way to mastery over a complex and versatile behemoth (currently rank 12) but i wanted to help others that are struggling with this. Good luck!


People struggle with this? I got all of his lore done today, got this on one pass through, it seemed like such an easy challenge, all of his lore did