Atticus vs (Boss) Isic: HOW DO YOU EVEN?

(President of Jellybeans) #1

I’m sure this goes along the same lines for every melee character, but I just came out of a 20 or so minute “Boss Battle” with Isic’s floating head. It comes down to me basically pouncing to the ground and wildly swinging until he hopefully comes into melee range. Also the shockwaves don’t really do much either when you’re flying around.

I haven’t tried 1v1ing Isic with any other melee characters but Damn this seems super stacked against you.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #2

There’s a challenge for El Dragon to deal the finishing blow on ISIC’s head - yet another melee character and it’s easier than you would expect, just look for the pattern when ISIC comes towards you with the “taser” style effect and slam down attacks as he closes the distance, can take a while to get the hits but it’s so much easier than people say.

(Jacaithsolaris) #3

Also, and this may just have been wierd pathing luck, when you are being zapped (the blue lightning tether), if you press forward facing isic it seems to make you go towards him. Still long annoying fight, but it seemed to help.