Attikus 100 OPs is UVHM

People are freaking out already in random games.
What the heck is going on! (Oscar Mike who just got one-shot killed with 3k damage)

I get it, just not sure it’s fair in this game, feel for those new randoms.


Even tho I played 38 operations. I played it solo. And the damage you receive is sometimes really too high. I think they should have scaled the hp and not the damage at the higher OPS. I can’t even imagine how things look like in a 3 man team.

3k damage would one shot 95% of all Battleborns.

I can bet they will decrease the damage in the near future.

I always run from the boom bots and those suicide thralls, they are lethal!


i just hate it how i sentence all those low levels to death when i get matched with them with my 50 starting points… there should be an option with how many points you start.


Yes, it’s UVHM but they were cheap and chose not to display ops points so you’d know what you were getting into.

I never should have gotten more than 40 ops points until I’d gotten everybody’s first skin. Accidentally made it to 84 and now I’m sorry. It’s just so hard, I don’t enjoy it and I am sure the players on my teams aren’t enjoying it either.

Well, uh… you can always reset the point accumulation. :sweat_smile:

I personally like how it gets pretty difficult once you have enough points. Makes the boss fight almost feel like a… boss fight. Instead of a glorified battle against some big enemy that isn’t really that threatening, like most other boss fights in this game.


…Some of us are grabbing the 2 skins for each char.

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The person they were responding to was discussing the first skins in particular over the 85 ones

Idk if there’s enough people for it, but it should be where you get matched with people within 10 Operation points of the highest in your group. Like a 50 and two 40s. A 50 and ten would not get matched

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It’s not the best solution, I know. But it’s an option, I suppose.

Sorry, there was no real way for me to say that without sounding like a smug jackass.

…We are adjusting, some of the people here won’t play it anymore with me at OP 100, not naming names. :smile:

First run on 50 points was a hard one, but to be honest I love this system. Its like Digistuct Peak in BL2 :heart:

I see that this can be overwhelming, but s other already said the system is resetable and you can choose the difficulty. Theres no need to do it in OPS100 /(OP8) if you cannot handle it yet.

I don´t know if I´ll ever complete in on OPS100, same I still have to finish a OP8-run in BL2.
But the skin will let me try again and again, and so far I´ve 6 red/black ones for my favourite heroes and still alot to do.
And while I farm skins for 45OPS I get better and may be able to run on higher OPs soon.
(In BL2 I´m stuck in OP4. And its exactly as hard as starting with 55OPpoints.)


I’m half way thru the char’s with 100 OPs and at least one of my Steam friends has finished every char!
The Devs did an amazing thing with this, so, hang in there.


For Boombots just quick meele them.
For fat bots let attikus get all the aggro, get in use some skills and get out.
Sucide thralls, listen carefully and run.
Boss her light swords? Will instante kill you, use the enviroment to hide.

And don’t forget to kill adds first always! I hate when we have 15 thralls bobing all the place and only me is hunting them…


It seems like too big a leap in difficulty for the first DLC. In BL2 there was much more time to hone your skills and collect loot. It was a long time before UVHM came along.

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Indeed they did! :heart: I´m a freelancer with my own business, so I´m working alot and come to play maybe an hour per day if I´m lucky >.< So I´ll take ALOT time to unlock all the stuff^^ But thats okay, I´m no speedfarmer anyway.
So far I´m very satisfied with my performance. Me and my fiance ran a OP on 60points yesterday, me as Phoebe. It was the most intense thing ever!
(Just saying: I never ran Hardcore missions so far, because I´m a coward :grin: )

Maybe, but the difficulty only raises if you play with higher OPpoints from the start. In BL2 we made many many runs on OP1 to get practice before hitting OP2. Same before Op3, and so on.

In the BB-DLC you can take all the time you need by reset your points. Its the choice of the player to try it on a higher difficulty for faster Skin-unlocks.

I´m rather patient when it comes to learn how to kill stuff^^


I honestly don’t find it that hard and I don’t know what so many people are freaking out about. Most of the random people I’ve played with so far have died because they rushed. The servers last for 120 minutes and there’s no time limit on the match other than that, yet people charge in with reckless abandon like it’s The Heliophage. If you just take your time to position yourself and your enemies favourably, you can get through with no deaths quite easily. Aria is somewhat difficult, but if you clear the adds she’s no threat.
Or maybe I think this way because of all my Borderlands playing time, learning alternate crowd control methods and micromanagement. But this is what I’d suggest, just take your time and slowly make your way through each section, there’s no reason to rush except for when the boombots objective appears (I hate boombots!) so take it easy! You’ll have to explore to find ops points anyway, slow down and you’ll be ace!

Shame there’s no “Advanced” option, I hope this is coming soon.


Yeah, but there are boss fights and then there’s sadism.
I think I’ve hit 60-70 ops points and we barely passed with a VERY good, pretty balanced team. I don’t think I can imagine playing a 100 OP with someone like Rath or El Dragon.

I managed to solo 100OP with every character first try and do doubles/triples first try with about half the cast at 100OP. Have yet to fail the mission. Died a bunch in the process, yes, but the mission is far from sadistic.


They seem to spawn until Aria is killed. Am I wrong? There’s SOO many of them.

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