Attikus 100 OPs is UVHM

I think you’re in the 1% there.
I’ve only done full three with randoms, but unless everyone plays it very smart and gets a little lucky, we’re not finishing over 55 OP. With all the gunners, brutes, DOT anchors and Aria, if you even take a breath you’re getting smashed.

Rath is actually one of the best characters (at least for me) on OPS 100 (probably top 5), but El Dragon is weak, he can be one-shotted very easily. If you don’t take the damage reduction helix on Phoebe - it’s nearly the same for her too.

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I find its been VERY hard for me with just about b any melee character. Ranged and healer have it way easier, IMO.
That being said, Rath is maybe the only melee character I haven’t tried.

Yeah, it’s easier with ranged characters (except Caldarius, he seems weak on OPS 100). But Melee has some strong characters, Boldur, Galilea, Shayne, Attikus even Kelvin is pretty good.

I’m going thru each char at 100 Ops and so far the best with the fewest deaths were:

  1. Ambra (By far the best)
  2. Shane (Boomerangs and fetch, need to say more?)
  3. Phoebe (This one surprised me but I’m pretty good with Phoebe, true strike for the win)
  4. Oscar Mike (Duh)
  5. Marquis (Second duh)
  6. Alani (Another surprise but I was able to dance around Aria with no problem.)
  7. Deande (Oh man I love Deande)
  8. Thorn (Blight, Blight baby!)

The hardest was Miko because once you are in that room you can’t be a pocket Miko.


I was playing with just another Monty and healing 200 per tick + biosynth aoe heal + 2 mushrooms and it almost wasn’t enough. He hit very low health many times

I like it, since it’s such a short mission. It’s not hard to start over if you die

That’s why you need to build him as offensively as possible, then just put the mushroom (lvl 10 helix where it begins to deal damage) in the middle and you are good to go. At least I play this way with Miko in PvE (either solo or with people).

OPS 100 is where you need to kill things fast or they will you. If you want to prolong the fight - you will not be in a good position.

Yup, never got to Helix 10


(sorry I had to do that)


Mhm, there is a luck factor in it. Need to steal those level ups from the big chests ^^

Yup, we take turns, some of the peeps here, it’s just good game manners. :wink:

I don’t want to sound braggadocious (stupid god damn word) but none of the characters have given me much trouble at solo op 100. I went through all the melee and support characters first, thinking they would be the hardest. They were but I haven’t ever really got close to failing. I think the closest I got was running El Dragon with all common gear and I still ended the fight with Aria at 5 lives. All the one shots are crazy but after you learn to tell her animations you usually have enough time to avoid them.

If someone wants to tell me a character they’re havin trouble with, I’ll try and post a video of me and Aria @ op 100 w/commons


To be completely honest, Aria is just gonna 1-hit kill you anyway, so just pick a character with a small hitbox and high mobility, or a character with a shield. Thorn and Boldur have done just fine for me thus far, at around 80 ish ops points.

Gotten through Reyna and Phoebe solo without dying. I really do mean it when I say you can learn to evade her BS

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You can, you just gotta watch carefully to see which one she’s charging.

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Yeah that was my point.
Part of an increase in difficulty isn’t just to try your hardest to muscle through it, hoping your numbers are bigger then her numbers.
When your presented with a new challenge
like being one shot, you should ask yourself what is one shoting me, how is it doing it and how can I avoid it. It’s sounds like fairly common sense stuff but for most gamers or people in general for that matter, they tend to ignore these questions unless the answers are staring them in the face.


My main issue with this DLC is that it is not very applicable to melee characters. Between the constant damage you’ll be taken from enemy ranged attacks, to having boombots and suicide thralls, and Elite Bots that will one shot you, I find that they only do well at the final boss.

It’s truly not that difficult.

I’ve run it in groups of 3 100 Ops points with several characters now and am yet to fail the mission.

Sure you’ll probably take a few deaths from Brutes in the bossfight or Aria if you somehow ignore her 10 second windup on her 1 shot, but please, it’s not that bad.


I can run this as Mellka with a full offensive legendary loadout and not die once, including the Aria room. With a bit of luck, I could do it as Gali - have done it with a single death, and that wasn’t from Aria but from an MX grenade.

Not a single legendary from the 100 point packs yet, though…

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