Attikus and his "way with words"


I don’t know. Why can’t he be both? He kinda reminds me of myself. In combat with others he kinda doesn’t draw attention to himself by talking or being a presence beyond that. Soft spoken, so to speak. However, behind closed doors, he desires to be a bit of an intellect, and maybe even more outspoken.

I mean I see your point Eden, and I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I read this as character dynamics. After going through the DLC I have a newfound love for Attikus because it shows this other side of an otherwise mysterious character

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Well, I guess for me, the “In His Face” speech doesn’t really read sincerely intellectual - it read to me as a caricature of what an intelligent person might speak like. As if we were originally supposed to see Attikus as something kinda comical: a theatrical, melodramatic professor brain in a huge musclebound body. And when Mellka deadpans her response, it kinda drives that home.

I think the more visceral speech he gives in the ops mission comes off as plenty intelligent and mysterious. The text of “In His Face” just kinda feels like the joke is on Attikus. :confused:

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If irc attikus race is ilittersted, attikus got his intelect but never got educated.

In the ops what i see is how he persives himself, he changed in this time, if his iq is that high he probably learned some stuff but he could still miss some knowledge being part of a rebelión, killing rendain and trying to make meneds with your past dosent leave him a lot of time to get full understandig of what he learns.

For me attikus is the usual inteligent macho, be Smart is bad so hidde it, have feelings is bad (OM events),etc. He is in a conflict of who he is and what is expected from him.

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Could it be that theres a difference between texts he writes for himself or pivately and speeches he intends to hold before other thrall?
I think his speeches differ so much from his provate texts because he is well-aware of the mass that listens: a big army of brutes.
So he adapts his overly epic kind to express himself into something more brutal, easy to understand yet epic to catch the Thralls attention.

This. He did this kind of writing by purpose, since it was ment as freedom speech for his kind. If you write a speech with a certain goal and a precise image of whom you want to impress with it the text will always differ from how one would talk or write pivately.

In my opinion the 2 seperate persons you may feel there, are indeed two personas - the one Attikus who nows he has to fulfil the role of a strong leader and the other who is more sophisticated and educated than most would deem him to be.

I also think @Benedict87 made some great points in his post, pointing out the difference between spoken and written expression.

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We don’t really know that his dialogue with Mellka was a “written” or “scripted” speech though - there’s no indication in the lore that it was a carefully prepared monologue. In fact, the lore describes it as being part of an overheard conversation between the two. If anything, the things he says in the operations have more indication that he’s scripted them (because he’s come up with a noir plot and everything!)

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Maybe he was trying to impres melka :wink:

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Oh I totally got the impression that he had his scope trained on Bartlesby and was about to say Die

I suppose they do both have scary monster claws

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It’s very possible the scope was on Hemsworth, especially considering that marquis has some classic high society criminal attributes

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I’m not sure if he’s entirely “embarrassed” by his intellect. The flavor text for his legendary item says; “Do NOT flee from my fancy speeches!” - Attikus

But i have noticed that when he speaks to rally thrall, he keeps his words strong, but simple, but he also uses repetition. Almost like he’s verbally hammering his speech into their heads, which seems about right. He’s a far cry from the eloquent condescension that they’re used to.

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Spot on right here, speak differently depending on the crowd

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