Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion: Discussion, Thoughts, and Stories

Well today’s the day. Feel free to tell everyone about how you managed to SPOILERS before SPOILERS SPOILERS. Write about how great it is, or how there’s one bug where hitting a plant makes it move slightly and you’re swearing off Gearbox. Go on about how the balance is perfect, but Aria’s voice annoyed you.

Then, to discuss and see gear, skins, and titles, go

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Is the update out yet? It’s about 6am over here.

Not yet, just an early post, I would think.

It rolls out at different times for different people, so what if someone plays it and doesn’t have a place to discuss it? :fearful:

Time is relative, it comes out at the same time no matter what, the difference is our perception of it, and the clocks.


Well, while that may be true, this actually comes out at different times. Where people talk about things where other people don’t have available yet

The listed time for the update is 2pm PT, 5pm ET, which is the same moment in time, it’s just perceived different because of the numbers on the clock and position of the sun.


Well regardless I can’t seem to log in at the moment. Getting log in ID errors. Are the servers down?

I have no idea. Hopefully not. That’d be sad

Yep still can’t authenticate my profile. Currently uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Been playing since day one but whatever.

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Is it out yet

ETA: 13 minutes


about 5:10pm here and no update yet… was pretty sure it was supposed to be around 5 eastern :frowning:

5:08 and just spamming check for updates

No update here. God, these guys- all they have to do is deliver on a promise once.

i signed out and back in of xbox live and its now updating for me :slight_smile:
13.3 gigs though, geez, are they installing another whole game?? lol.

anyone wanna team up after this?

Wow, I must be missing something. I did every side objective and only got 10 points. This will be rough

A few bugs.
Attikus runs to the door after fighting Aria’s minions. Or more correctly, he slides there.
No music in opening cinematic

13.3gbs??? Yikes, with my connection thats gonna take me atleast 13 hours to download goes to cry in the corner