Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion (Story Ops DLC 1)



As a season pass owner ive got extreme buyers remorse


Faceoff sounds really interesting. From the description it seems like it will be similar to the coin mode in Super Smash Bros. except there will be a greater focus on killing varelsi than players.

October can’t get here soon enough! I can’t wait! :smile:

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The second dlc operation is "Toby’s friendship raid"


Add me to the list. :slight_smile:

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Sad that it’s 6 weeks away (probably won’t play til then), but glad we have a solid date.

“Toby’s Friendship Raid” sounds amazing. :grin:

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(Readies himself for endless stream of posts saying “OMG OCTOBER 13 IS NOT IN SUMMER!!!”)

That said, I am disappointed as well. I was really hoping for a Sept. launch on the DLC story missions.

– Don’t like that they say DLC Operations are shorter than story missions. I was hoping for the opposite, that each might include several phases that would total being longer than your standard story mission. And why only 4 on a team (you + 3 buddies) instead of 5? Seems odd.

– Don’t like that they didn’t specifically say the Loot gets better in the DLCs. They’d mentioned that before, and the loot whore in me was really looking forward to new Legendaries to round up. If they eliminated that based on balance concerns, I’ll be bummed out. Skins, titles and taunts are not as strong an incentive for me.

– DO like that there’ll be expanded Lore in the DLCs. More neat details about our cast and the world they live in is A-OK with me.

– Faceoff sounds fun. Very hunt-and-capture-the-flag (but with many, many flags.) Sounds like another player-vs.-player intensive mode like Capture, as opposed to the more objective-driven, push the wave modes I tend to prefer, but we’ll see.

They say “intense, multi-phase battles” so I’m hoping it’s more like a big swarm of Varelsi rather than the individual ones in Capture.

If the play mechanics focus on coordinated, quick strike-and-retreat, I think it could be fun. If it’s predominantly “wait for someone else to kill Varelsi and collect masks, then kill them and steal the masks” then I’ll probably not be a fan.

– Toby’s Friendship Raid. YAAAAASSS YAAAASSSSSSS YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS! Happy Tobes is one of the characters to get a focus for the DLC.


I just wish Split screen got some love and got fixed.


I wonder what is meant by “Shorter than the main Story missions”…I find the story missions kinda short already, most can be done in less than 30 minutes, so I’m a bit concerned.

It means they’ve got most of the devs working on borderlands 3. So they’re gonna throw us a few small missions to keep us quiet.

Theres no doubt in my mind that the dlc missions would be a lot more meaty if the game had sold more copies and they thought there was any chance of new players buying the season pass

Which to be honest makes me feel a bit cheated


The story missions are intended to be short little raids one can participate in with friends. Some people feel they are too long and so they shortened their duration and worked on adding more replayability to the missions. While the story is capable of being played alone it is designed mainly to be played with friends. That’s why all of the missions are episodic. You can start up a level and finish it in a short time and if you have time you can start another. The MOBA style elements of the game don’t really work well with the drop in and drop out mechanics of other games so they went with the current design. The story isn’t mean to be some epic story that takes 60+ hours to complete. Though with additional content being added to the game over time we may get upwards of 60 hours or more of story content eventually.


Depends on mode, number of players, and player ability. Normal mode for me is usually < 30 minutes, yes, but Advanced Hardcore? > 60 minutes (unless I’m in a hurry to die and start over.)

Edit: Also, as a season pass holder I’m greatly encouraged!

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I would like to know why they changed party size from a 5 man party to a 4 man party?

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I don’t know, but my guess would be to keep the shorter Story Ops from over-running the target length? More players = more enemies + more badasses = longer fight. It could also be that the maps themselves are a bit smaller, so 5 players would be too much of a crowd. We’ll find out in October…

It could also be an error. Any confirmation on whether the new story ops will be 4 man or was it an error @JoeKGBX?

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I was kind of hoping they would be adding new gear with the story dlcs. But that doesnt seem like the case.

I assumed that the 4–man thing was just a typo. Would be a bit weird to lower things from 5 to 4 for no apparent reason.


In a shocking plot twist, the masks the Varelsi leave behind in “Face Off” are Nicolas Cage masks.


Google “buyers remorse”