Attikus and Thrall Rebellion Help

So I can solo it no problem 100 OPS and can do it with one other friend no problem 100 OPS. All of a sudden with three people we struggle. Namely at the part with the elite bots. I don’t know what we’re doing wrong. One friend has bad eyes and can’t see the grenades well and him and I need to do splitscreen. However him and I don’t have a problem until out other friend joins. Is a third person really that big a spike of difficulty? I am able to do it with both friends just the 2, and they can do it together. All of us though and the elite bots wreck us. Are we just missing something obvious? Is there an easy way to do this part or an easier way to kill elite bots?

Use cover and stay out of reach? The extra elites don’t help your cause if you’re near.

^ What he said. If I can’t survive with my regular playstyle I just fall back and do occasional ranged hits at them while NPC Attikus deals with them.

That part is quite frustrating for melee characters, only a few are able to do something productive without the risk of wasting spare lives into nothing.

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Unless the Dodge challenge is on, leave attikus get all the aggro and hit their back untill you get targeted then run for your lives.
You can always wait for your ult, rath can x blade then smash and ult.
Phoebe can teleport and ult.
Deande can throw fans and hollowtiwn +ult
El dragón can hidde in a corner

Just target its crit zone and run when they decide to face you. Each of the nades deal 3k