Attikus attack speed/movement

I’m not someone who plays Fattikus that often. I know about his lvl 7 attack speed helix, and I know he had attack speed gear on him. But this one had ridiculous attack speed. First we thought it was Beas buff. So we tested it. We killed her and kept watching him.
Don’t wanna point fingers or yell cheaters too early, especially since I didn’t know somehing other than aimbotting existed in bb. So…can someone explain this rationally?

Wow, that attack speed is seriously broken.

Based off your level is it fair to assume he wasn’t level 7 in this clip yet? because if not-this is crazy.

Yeah I can confirm he’s a cheater… I already submitted video of him to Randy.


The match was only at 20 minute mark, it’s nearly impossible to get to level 7 that quick on Incursion.

In first clip he was 6, in later one lvl 7. And yeah, he had same attack speed since lvl 1, but I didn’t make clip cause I didn’t watch it carefully at that point.

Gear? I can achive a similar speed with 2 legendaries and one blue.

He has this attack speed and movement from level one with no gear… I’ve played and beat him a few times already.

Ok, so I’m not crazy or ignorant. And yes, Hoho, he had that attack speed and movement speed since start. But we just thought it was Beas buff. Good to know, will report him next time. In vain, but still.

Im noy saying that u r crazy or ignorant. Do you have screem shoot of gear?

That attack speed with Attikus looks like fun! It reminds me of my Pendles playstyle.

If I was on the pc, I would love to try this cheat (if it is without gear) at least once

You can see that he had blue attack speed on my death info.

True, i forgot about it. well ■■■■!

It is quite obvious that Fattikus is Attikus’ evil twin brother who was biologically engineered by the varelsi in the north star galaxy. Those dang varelsi have got a Hokuto Shinken master teaching an army of Attikus clones. The end is near :sob:.


That is obscene