Attikus build advice?

I’ve been playing him through a lot of story missions and he’s great fun. I’m focusing on attack speed and crits. Is that a good way to go? With gears I got the attack speed up to 20%, his crits to 9.78% and base damage to 9.80%.

I’m also new with him!
Seems like your going pretty good I’d say. For me, I’m not much for crits bc I don’t aim at the head, nor am I really sure how they work.

I up his atk speed and damage. Shield boost or Health regen is what I’m looking for now. The faster his hands the better but survivability is important. We’re a major target. I hope it helps, Sorry for the length.

Yeah you have a point, I don’t get a lot of head shots with him. I’ll try switching out crit for health.