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Slave. Laborer. Greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass – the Thralls. All his life, Attikus’ been told what to do, shoved into the deepest mines of Tempest and kept down. Thanks to an experimental biotech harness, this already-imposing brute was given the one thing the Jennerit didn’t expect: Intelligence. The only thing more dangerous than a huge, imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors…is a smart imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors.

Attikus’ attacks are largely close-range damage with a chance of draining enemy shields – so only engage up-close if you must. Otherwise, keep your distance!

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Saw the videos and thought: I bet MM is already typing right now :smile:


why does he have such a long neck dood

The design itself looks really good, but the sound effects have to be better (And generally speaking, I think the sound effects of Oscar and Montana done in really amateur way, and must be more efficient in order to make the slaughter with them more satisfying).

Just from what we’re seeing right now, I know he have to get some sort of buff. The punches are not rewarding in any way and it’s kinda disappointing.


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People who played Brick in Borderlands might prefer this hero

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I’m not impressed and I loved playing as Brick. I think Attikus’ punches are way too slow and I agree with @sb12df about his melee not being very satisfying.

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Love his character design. The gameplay seemed pretty lacking. I was not excited at all. He’s definitely missing something…

Also I hope he’s fast. I’m tired of Slow-moving Heroes. Especially since his range seems abysmal.

Ye the thingi love is damage,tank,speed i need a fast tank plox

Oscar was spot on perfection. He’s the best VA in the game. Some of these others are… not good however. This one certainly included.

In terms of balance, yeah, he’s great.
In terms of Sound effect’s? nah, really amateur and unsatisfying, tho Montana is way worse.
I’ll live with Oscar, but as it is right now, some of the characters have to get some changes.

It’s nice to see how GBX developed the game since the CTT. Just from those videos we can see a lot of changes made through the UI, Gameplay and some of the key elements of those multiplayer modes. So I’m optimistic about Battleborn, when I’m sure the game will be better on launch. Those issues are just Noteworthy - nothing more.

I think he will be the disruptur (god dammit can`t spell)

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why do you think that?

I dunno relly but the pounce ability push away the enemys and his second ability makes so that if you touch him you get shocked and get dot damage

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looking at his helix, this guy is going to be a hard one to push over. life steal, shield re-gen, life steal, more health.

enemies that rely on shield will be squashed by Attikus with all his increased shield damage buffs

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Love this 1 gonna be my main !!!

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aghhh, is this the same voice actor as Deadlift in the presequel? neat character design dood

i thought 2K AUS did (almost) all the voice work on the Pre-Sequel.
But now that you mention it, i can hear some deadlift in there

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Wow, Attikus is badass. Tho seems like Phoebe (or Rath in this case) will be a huge problem for him. Also I expected his ult to be kinda more damaging? Or at least with wider area of effect.

Well, now he’s looking more like a badass, tho I would like to get a boost on his sound effects.