Attikus Discussion

what’s a hedron? :blserious:

That surprises me. I was looking through his skills as a potential counter to Pheobe. Having a bulky character with the Jennerit life steal and lots of shield breaking and shield penetration I thought he’d be the one giving Phoebe a headache rather than the other was round. Looks like I’ll have to give it a try when the beta comes around. It looks like you are supposed to destroy the npc’s to power his passive ability and then alternate to attacking players with the beefed-up skills.

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He’s very powerfull, I have him !

I’m a huge melee fan. Brick, Krieg, and Zero are my jam and I’d LOVE to add Attikus to that group! Attikus however is extremely broken. He’s massive but Montana can do more damage with a FLICK melee?!? His abilities don’t do jack ■■■■ and Jack left town! Pounce is an awesome ability if it did anything other than disorient me or actually did anything useful like damaging enemies. The only time I kill anything with the Pounce is when they literally have a few points of health left. Using it when there are more than one enemy only puts Attikus in the middle of a hostile group he can’t damage or defend against. The only useful tactic for Pounce is to escape however that doesn’t even help. Charged Hook - crap. Hedronic Eruption -crap. Pounce -crap. Hedronic Arc -crap.

He’s a defending brawler Gearbox!!! This is how he should be set up:

HEDRONIC COLLECTOR- Attikus gains charges by receiving/giving damage. Each stack should increase his damage reduction/damage output. I can’t kill anything fast enough to keep this up during PVP which makes this useless.

BAREFISTED BRAWLER- either increase his attack speed/damage or make every hit with his GIANT ■■■■■■■ ELECTRIFIED METAL ARM do increased damage!!! He’s useless in PvP and will continue to be so until this is addressed.

CHARGED HOOK: It seems to me that you get ONE shot at hitting with this and it does less than marginal damage when you do connect. I suggest having Attikus block with this arm (thus charging his Hedronic Collector) while also taking reduced damage. Now his giant arm is useful.

POUNCE- I like this skill but it needs to be improved in some fashion.

HEDRONIC ARC- Another good skill of it only lasted longer. With Attikus’s extremely limited range, increasing the duration on this skill would vastly improve it’s effectiveness.

HEDRONIC ERUPTIONS- Why can’t this just release bursts of electricity as an AoE ability instead of hard to control blasts that travel in front of him? Another ability that I can’t kill anything with unless I’m attracking previously damaged bots.

In conclusion, I understand that this is a beta. I understand that Attikus can’t be overpowered either. All I want is for him to be useful in more than PvE since PvP will be the vast majority of endgame content.

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I agree with the Charged hook, it’s so bad. I literally only use it to one hit crystals.

I also agree with his ult, it’s only useful when he’s fully charged for that knock-up, otherwise it’s absolutely trash unless you need one more hit on a low enemy who’s too far to hit with your normal melee attacks.

Having played Attikus in the beta a bit I gotta say he played really well. I agree that the hook isn’t great unless you start with it for a melee fight. On the subject of his Ult though, I adore it. I’ve found it deals great damage and is effective even without the full charge (but if the charge is that important they have a mutation that corrects that issue with a single kill). His skills increase his attack speed and adding equipment on top of that makes him pure fury. I’ve noticed equipment really counts.

After watching stealth shampoo dump all over Atticus I now want to get really good with him.

I didn’t find him to be that bad but very challenging to be effective with. Once you hit level 5 the world changes for Attikus and he really can wreck faces; my only concern is for his early game where you die for the slightest mistake it feels like (and Galilea was part of this problem; if she is going to be this sustainable and do so much damage then she needs to lose her stun or lose some damage).

One thing I’ve been unable to verify but could swear it worked - I think Hedronic Arc works with Hedronic Eruption. That would mean if you took the proper helix choices for it, the Hedronic Eruption blasts knock people up, shock them over time and chain lightning to nearby enemies, and do 240 AOE damage over 2 seconds. Again I’d have to really study the effect but I purposefully was activating Arc right before Eruption (using the helix where fully charged abilities cost only 1 charge) and I could swear I saw them getting shocked while being knocked in the air. Unless it just does that on it’s own?

Galilea is a huge problem for a lot of characters like Attikus. She’s got… everything and very few weaknesses. (She starts out ‘pretty good’ then just becomes an unkillable beast over time, instead of starting out weak then becoming competent like a lot of other characters. Playing against her as Attikus is a pain.) Attikus seems especially susceptible to stuns & slows b/c he’s already pretty slow & unwieldly, as well as a giant target. Feels like he just doesn’t get quite enough power to make up for it. El Dragon is similar but he’s not also SLOW. I don’t love how reliant Attikus is on movement speed gear. When I played him in the beta everyone would just open on me w/ CC on sight.

I don’t feel like I had any movement issues with Attikus in the beta, but I do kinda agree with the Galilea bit. She is a very strong character and they actually nerfed her somewhat midway through the beta. I know the different characters have different strengths and weaknesses so characters can counter each other, but Galilea seems to have few counters that I have run into (especially when you know what gear to give her and how to rock her helix). I found that characters more mobile/agile than her can counter her and Attikus wasn’t meant to be a mobile/agile character. He’s a brawler through and through and I’ve run into several people who have tried to play him similarly to Rath, Pheobe, or El Dragon. Also, I kinda wanna poitn out that Attikus actually does seem to move at an average pace. I’ve run alongside other players and we tended to move around the same speed. I think he just seems slower because of his size and how he slows when he punches (like Montana and his minigun)

His character page may say he’s an “easy” character, but I’ve found Attikus a bit of a challenge and I kinda like it that way. He’s a simple brawler character who requires some love and care to be the wrecking ball he was born to be.

I just played Attikus today for the first time, I completely enjoyed him. I like that he was easy to use and can boost himself. Still didn’t win because my friends and I are having trouble in the Saboteur level but still had a fun experience. I love his moves and has a nice helix. I really don’t believe I am gravitating so much to the Jennerit characters here but they are amazing.

He’s my main since the Beta, and WOW ! I’ve unlocked a new taunt ! he’s farting a giant green smock ! !! :joy:

I’m trying hard to make him one of my mains but it’s hard to not feel like an underwhelming version of Galilea at times. Even just the ridiculous difference in utility that they bring. She has the damage and surviveability, easier to pull off and a not horrible early game. But on top of that she has what a 2 second ranged stun, aoe silence and aoe damage amplify? My only CC is from my gap closer and you have to be smart with it to consistently get the CC side of it.

It would be nice if he could gain a slow from helixes like Boldur and Kelvin, aside from the leap slow helix which is competing with one of your most important ones (30% lifesteal for 8 seconds). That way he could stick better instead of line of siting until cool downs come back if they survive the initial charge. And it would make his charged fist more useable instead of just a sneak attack hit.

I want Attikus to be one of my mains too, but for one thing, I always end up having to swap him out of PvE Advanced b/c he lacks the DPS of most other melee characters until far along in his tree. Even w/ attack speed/damage gear (that needs to be activated anyway), he just doesn’t have the high damage output early on, his attacks are slow and don’t hit as hard as I’d like, and other choices w/ higher DPS & more CC early on, like Galilea or Rath, end up being better - even El Dragon. I can get a decent amount of kills in PvP, but he doesn’t have the survivability of other options, he just has less going for him until some of the powerful options at the end of his helix tree.

I do agree with what I’m seeing, but I also noticed that Attikus gets tossed around very easily. I’d like to see a sort of Krieg mechanic where they make him heavier than others, and that could also apply to other heavyweights such as El Dragon and Montana (to name a couple). It just kills me when I use a charged Hadronic Arc and get thrown to the side, and the charge has worn off by the time I can get back to my target.


I can agree with that. He does seem to fly around a bit. Not too sure about El Dragon though. He can move really quickly so making him heavier would just allow him to stay and wreck people way more than he should. The only way I can get away from him at times is by pushing him away.

Also, on the subject of Hadronic Arc, wait until you unlock one of his helix mutations. I won’t spoil it, but it makes that issue almost obsolete.

Yeah, I think a weight system would work well in this game. Have it affect jumping and being knocked back. Leave knock ups the way it is though.

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I’ve gotten him to level 11 already… I’ve got him coupled with some decent gear, so I’ll try messing around with the helix options I choose next time.

So I finally got Atticus unlocked and I would have to say I was very underwhelmed with him. I could also just not know how to play him correctly so I am open to any suggestions/advice. I just felt like his dps is lacking and being so slow and big that he is lacking the health to make up for being just a big target.

I see him as a character who jumps being enemy lines and cause havoc on the other teams healer or weaker characters. Every time I do that I get kill to fast.

Like I said I have just started playing him so I could be doing it totally wrong. Any advice is welcomed or am I right saying that he feels like an under performing character?

He’s too big to be behind enemy lines like that. Just hold the line with the minions and beat down thralls like he was born to do. Pounce and a Fully charged Hedronic Arc really disrupts enemies and melts shields hilariously fast. His level 5 mutation is all about being on a roll. Constantly having full charge available makes it so you’re always a danger. A good Miko makes this character an absolute beast. With attack speed and Tenacity, you’ll be hard pressed to not have enemies run from you, and let them run. You did your job. Being scary lol.

Also, I don’t really get the damage complaints. By lvl 3, you have tenacity and some attack speed gear likely available. Congratulations, you now out damage almost any other character at your level. By level 5 it will serve you well to break up enemy lines, and 7 you melt HP better than most.

Edit: Protip. Go for all the crits. I know that seems obvious, but since at worst the crit zone is eye level, Attikus has a easier time critting in melee. At least relative to Boldur lol.

Thinking about it, up close, it’s hard not to crit with this beast. You’re either looking forward or down lol.