Attikus dlc, credit where credit is due

I was really getting aggravated with random peeps in the Attikus dlc resetting the Ops points.
Did anyone notice Nova is missing from the trouble spot most randoms were doing this?
(Also notice @Rivaire is just standing there, not giving me a dang drone)

So anyway, hats off to the Devs!

note: I might be confused, randoms were resetting the OPs a lot and I think Nova was there, but, not sure now.


Was this an option in the public queue? Whenever I played with a group in private queue Nova has never appeared in her usual places to reset ops points.

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This. She has never appeared for me in co-op

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Same, don’t see her in co op, private or public. My friend and I co oped most of our runs and he was actually surprised when he did a solo run and found Nova.

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I see her in my private solo runs. It’s aggravating when I hear her “you can reset your ops points here” bitch I don’t wanna reset my ops points! I’m trying to get loot here!

EDIT: I misread your post as “private=solo”, even though you never actually said solo. I do so much solo that those two words are synonymous in my head. Still leaving the post though, as I feel strongly about not ever resetting ops points (it’s not even hard at 100 smh)


Yup. She’s only ever appeared to me on solo runs.

The option to reset points is only possible in solo runs.

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…It was an option when the map first released.
I’ve done it 160 times now but maybe that one did only show on Solo, confused now.

I can 100% confirm that you were able to reset op points outside of private runs. Some jerks have done it to me 3 times now.

Soooo happy to hear they removed it from multiplayer/fixed it to the way it should be! Luckily most people were not aware of the option all together, otherwise it would have probably been abused even more.


There are apparently multiple ops challenges that only appear at low ops points at the end of the mission. I have never seen them myself, however resetting points to be able to see them is definitely something I plan to do soon.