Attikus dlc has an additional challenge

At the final stage you typically have:

  1. Avoid the ships attack
  2. Melee the Deadeyes
  3. Grab the Shards

But there’s a 4th

I’ve done the dlc 78 times now and it only came up once.

Additional, rare, challenge is:

  1. Activate Anchors and Turrets

It’s more fun, you have to really run, but for some reason it don’t occur often.

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Activate anchors? I’ve done it 40 times and vaguely remember turrets in one of the earlier playthroughs, but this is new to me as well.

I’ve had turn on turrets but nothing about anchors. You also forgot the loot chest one

I know there is a “Find the Loot Crate challenge” that can come up, but as I see it if your ops are high they go for one of those 1-3 You mention.

About that turret challenge… it only came with my OPs starting at 0-10. So I Guess that means the game has “Challenge Tiers” and once you got a lot OPs To start with easy “Spot the loot Crate” Challenges won’t Show up.

The turret Side Objective felt more like a Tutorial than a challenge… since if you try to win That Brute Spam as lets say… Rath, you Probably won’t be able to protect your Rally Beacon.

But “Activate the Anchors” sounds like Triggering some friendly Thralls, which would help to make it feel like a Rebellion rather Than Attikus Trashing Arias Place. :laughing:

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There is also one at low OPS points where you need to vandalize the three Rendain statues


Wow, didn’t know there were more, very cool.

So that’s why we can target them…

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There more then u think

  • kill raindian projectors
  • stop suicide bots blowing up the relay
  • place down turrets up to protect relay
  • fine the void sent
  • kill the beast master shaman
  • find snipers and kill them
  • kill snipers against the relay
  • kill mk elite bot with a skill x2
  • destroy snipers with melee kills
  • destroy mk robots
  • avoid gun ship fire x2
  • destroy ancors with melee
  • find the secret treasure x2

This are all the events iv had and got full 100 points each time

Got aria encore too


Don’t forget:

Gather 3 big shards
Kill Bulwark with a skill
Activate some beacon thingies
Deface rendain statues (mentioned above)
Kill 5 Ronin
Secure the shard deposit first


I believe he was just talking about the penultimate area, but good list

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Right, just the last stage.


This explains so much. I was wondering why they appeared to be an object that we can attack.

Is there any videos or screenshots of this challenge?

I haven’t seen videos of it, but I haven’t looked for any either.

You press and hold R on them and they’ll get red scribbles all over. But I only saw that once since it’s a low OPS point challenge.

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Thanks for the info. I wanna try to get this one. :slight_smile: