Attikus dlc skins

Please, please… tell me I’m getting bad luck, a lot of bad luck with the dlc content but, are all the dlc skins just lazy recolorings? Not good recolorings with some feel of difference from the base model and skin like some in the marketplace but just plain recolorings like the ones on the faction loot boxes?

Please, tell me someone unlocked another kind of skin or anything.

As a side note, also someone got a taunt yet?

There are only 3 unlockable taunts and 2 types of skins for all the characters, don’t know how those at OPS 85 look like, but the OPS 40 are the red ones.

Every single character gets two DLC skins. You can’t really expect complete re-textures. That’s a lot of skins.


No, we actually could expect retextures. Or at least the ability to earn the good skins in game.

I bought the day one, gold edition. I saw that most skins were palette swaps, but I thought, the nice stuff will come. I have the season pass. Of course I’ll get good skins.

Nope. Just more color swaps. I know Overwatch is a different game, but there I at least have a chance at the really cool cosmetics just for playing. Here? Seems most recent skins cost MORE money.

Don’t know why this is the thing that makes me feel un-valued as a customer, but it does. Gearbox doesn’t care about me as a long-term player. They just want my money.


You can get legendary skins for free thats true. But if you want to buy packs there is a chance that you wont get one or you will get one for a character you dont play.

You spend 10 dollars to get one skin you like and rng it, instead in battleborn you can buy 1-3 skins you actually like.

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I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition too. I do also find the random raising of Platinum Skin prices ridiculous and disrespectful towards us.

But you’re expecting 56 Re-texture skins! From a small team, from a 4€ DLC (This DLC’s individual price)
You just can’t expect Gearbox to have the resources a colossal game studio like Blizzard does.

Blizzard has about 4700 empolyees (As of 2012). Their Net Income is 223 million dollars (2015) [Wikipedia]
Gearbox has 250+ employees according to their site (350 according to Wikipedia) I can’t find any income numbers but it’s easy to guess that it’s nowhere near Blizzards.
And to remind, not everyone of those 250+ people is working on Battleborn. I’d guess the crew actively working on Battleborn is quite small…

And let’s not forget that this game isn’t doing well. There’s no point in investing that much time, money and manpower on skins.

So no, expecting “Legendary” level skins from this DLC is at best, naive.


Unlocking cosmetics motivates me to play. Then I tell my friends to play. I feel respected as a consumer and I evangelize. Oddly enough, that’s what some good skins would do for me.

Instead, I feel little valued, I struggle to try to share any enthusiasm with friends that have other options in games, and Gearbox starts to lose me as a long-term customer.

I don’t ask for a constant stream of goodies. But I want to feel like they cared about the money I gave them, and color swaps feel like getting an apple on Halloween.


In fact I expected retextures and remodels for these skins.

The idea of skins in the marketplace not only came with the idea of purchasing the ones you like, but also with the idea the season pass owners were about to get really exclusive skins for their support and for trusting the devs with money before even knowing the game at its fullness. Almost, the majority of the season pass/deluxe edition owners paid upfront before the game release and before any discount (and before knowing the little this game was gonna be play) but now, after waiting for this I got recolors for my support. And in a jennerit character is even more insulting because this recolorings almost are like the base skins.

I’ll try to get one the advanced ones but say I’m dissapointed is cutting myself short.

In borderlands with the dlcs you didn’t have to make an extra effort playing in higher difficulties for the heads and bodies of the characters… those were there. Even the special weapons were easy to get. And I compare this dlc with Tiny Tina’s, for example, and the content is lackluster. And I wasn’t specting something the in same quality and content but heck, what I wasn’t expenting was a straight line dlc with just one boss (no mini-bosses or anything) and with just a change in narration for replayability sake. When they said people wanted short duration operations and they remade the dlc for that, I hoped they were talking about spliting the gameplay in several chapters, with real changes in bosses and all… not this.

It’s like: Hey, we have your money already. Get this ■■■■ and shut up… And here, as a Halloween event, invest more ■■■■■■■ money.

Sure is easy to get skins just purchasing them, but in Overwatch I got the summer games skins I wanted without expending money and I almost got every skin I want from the Halloween event without flashing my wallet to Blizzard (I’m still trying to get Witch Mercy and Coldhartd for Reinhartd), that and the fact they actually delivered a real Halloween event not a Halloween sale, makes me re-think in where I placed my trust first time ago. Heck, even in Paragon you have a free skin and a way to earn the others… And those aren’t simple recolors either.

I’ll try to get the higher score ones, at least one of them, before I decided if Gearbox is making fun of us or not.


I mean who knows, maybe we (Season Pass owners) will get some one day. But if you expect every character to get one for the price of this DLC… Not happening.

I’d also love it if we could get platinum just by playing but I understand that this game just didn’t sell as well as 2K hoped. I don’t know where GBX stands on this one, but I highly doubt 2K would let us gain Plat by playing, at least for the foreseeable future. (They did allow this in Evolve though, so I don’t actually think it’s completely out of the picture yet… Depending on what 2K is planning)

And sorry to Dissappoint, but the 85OPS points skins aren’t re-textures either. At least the one that Shaurox got, Maybe Attikus, Ambra, Deande or OM could get one? I haven’t had the time to check yet. (85OPS gives you a gold- dark blue-red schemed one)

Oh and I 100% agree with the lack of a Halloween event. I mean yeah, they released Face Off and the DLC so I get they couldn’t really… make one but… I really love Halloween and I also love Halloween Game Events :frowning2:
(But I do now have more time to play the OW and ESO events so… I guess it’s ok…)

Additional note; You did have to grind for additional skins/heads with all the Borderlands DLC though, yes?

The fact the game didn’t sale as good as 2K and Gearbox wanted to sale is a maximum motivator to care for the community they already have, not to piss on them like they are doing.

If the 85 ops point skin is also a recolour, I don’t have more to say. Gearbox and 2K lost me as a customer. I don’t care if you can get a different one for Ambra o Attikus, my main is Orendi, so… I’ll play the dlcs because I paid for them but I won’t sink another dime in a Gearbox game. I don’t care if is 2K fault to get to the point of their previously schedule with the game despise the sales or to try to milk the cow before it gets dry but Gearbox could has something to say in the matter and the fact they aren’t is enough for me.

The dlc is lackluster, zero replayability if the skins are mere recolors, is short, with just one boss… Of course is my opinion but I’m feeling scammed by 2K and Gearbox to this point with the only good skins being via more money in the market and with dlcs with this content and so much time to deliver them.

Sorry but no… They scammed me with Alien Colonial Marines, they scammed me with Battleborn and hard, really hard. They won’t see a dime from me in the future…

And the size of the team isn’t an excuse. I’m playing the Halloween event in Overwatch and having a blast and I have to play the TESO one (thanks for remind me @reliikki :wink: ) but I’ll play also the Halloween event in Secret World, they continue to create new events every year and their team I think is smaller than Gearbox for Battleborn at this moment. Also I guess Warframe will have one event (or the freaking cinematic quest of War Within) and I’ll play that too.

I had hopes in Gearbox yet to them getting up to speed and start to care for the community but taking this… They killed all hope in me for them. I won’t be complaining anymore, because I don’t see they have salvation at this point.

And in the Borderlands 2 dlcs, some you get farming, some just for finishing, some in codes… the Halloween, X-mas and short… They released a lot of codes for skins and majority were unique, not simple recolours. They are being pennypinchers with skins for codes, with skins in game and now with skins on dlcs.

I knew it was going to be that the moment they announced every battleborn had 2 new skins , though.
I mean, that was fairly obvious considering what we got before.

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I’m loving it the dialogue alone is well worth it


For me is more narration and less dialogue… I mean, our character doesn’t react a bit to dlc, doesn’t say a word, there are no interaction.

I get no reaction from Orendi, but I also played it with Ambra, with Deande… Nothing, not a single exchance, comentary, nothing.

And also, when they announced the dlcs first they said a skin for every character so I thought, hoping, they were what in Smite is a T5 or a least a T4, when they said were 2 for character, I hoped a modification, minimal, in the first ones and a full 3D model for the other ones. They said, more than ones, the dlc skins were specially, exclusive, blah, blah, blah… A perfect sales pitch just to slap us int he face with recolours.

I hope they enjoy and use well the money, I really do.

Yupp, as far as I know in BL2 you had to own the DLC or play with one who owns the DLC in Co-op or get heads/skins traded from a player who ones DLC.
As I recall they offered lowpriced bundles later on, but I don´t know if they made all DLC-skins/heads available for free after the very last update. (To that date I had all DLC purchased already and was rarely on the boards to read patchnotes/updates…)

As SP-holder I expected to get the DLC-operations and expected the skins GBX told us to come would be rewards from the operations. So my expectations are quiet fulfilled.
Yes, I´d love more intricate skins to grind for too, but I love the silver/black/red-combo and I can´t wait to get them for my characters.

Besides that:
A game-company cannot fullfill every players expectations even if they wanted to. Same as a state cannot fullfill every single citizens expectations.
Not saying that its good that some individuals are unheard, but its no ill intend in my opinion, just a flaw in the superstructures called humanity/market/state/culture.

PS: I´m awake for…27 hours now, I apologize for typos, halfmade sentences, philosophical rambling and alike, I might edit this a gazillion times.

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the 85 ones seem to be mostly red and gold.

I know Marquis, at the very least, is one exception. 40 is red and black, 85 is black and gold.

I like the second Deande skin. It’s a recolor. But I think the black and gold looks badass.

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The skins are a disappointment, the dlc actually has very little variation in replay, and chances are us season pass holders will get nothing but more mediocre pallet swaps in the upcoming dlcs as well


I really love the skin red metallic jennerit skins!! They are better then the other simple yellow/green/pink/blue recoloring.

That’s the thing that piss me off more, specially because when people made a fuss about the microtransactions, the devs said season pass holders and deluxe edition owners were about to get equally exclusive, unique skins with the dlcs… and we get recolors.

The gameplay, even when the narration is fine, fun even, has little interaction with our characters, doesn’t matter what battleborn you play, your character doesn’t say a thing.

It’s a short map, with a short story, with just one boss, thing that translate to just one legendary as well (and a legendary that you most likely won’t use outside the dlc) and even when I expected really unique skins (they didn’t have to be superspecial, but just show some work on them because a recolor can be do on Paint) I could be ok with recolors for the easy ones to get and something in the speed of clown Shayne and Aurox for the hardest to get. Heck, one skin per character and make it unique, not this ■■■■■■■■.

And the sad part? I know I’m beating the dead horse complaining. We will get more ■■■■ in the season pass and the market is gonna get the good skins.

And when I spoke about the Borderlands 2 skins, I wasn’t talking about the buyable ones, but the ones you got by playing the dlcs. Look down in that very page and you can get what I’m talking about. The dlc heads, that aren’t recolorings, that you can earn just for playing the dlcs… just for playing and not recolors.

The costumization of that game is a prime example of what can do Gearbox when they aren’t bullshiting the community, pissing in our heads and saying is raining with the “unique” skins we can get on the first dlc.

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Well, there are also new Loot Pack legendaries.