Attikus DLC speed runs!

Ok guys I just got all the skins today and now I have to sit down and go “hmmm… How do I complete this as fast as possible to maximize my commander pack grind?”

So this is exactly what this thread is about! Give me some of your better character picks in each of the factions for getting this done ASAP. Important helix choices, gear loadouts, how each character stacks up to some of the more grueling challenges like stop the boom bots from hitting the beacon and kill the X enemy with a skill and the don’t get hit by the hover tank challenge.

Additional thoughts about speed runs: I believe that 2 players is the sweet spot for fastest possible ops completion. So solo character interactions and partner interactions would also be informative(i.e. Something along the lines of a marquis who could constantly push the objectives from a distance while say a pendles cleats out ops points swiftly)

And feel free to give out your best times with what characters and junk!


I hear Kleese with Aria’s Encore is strong. Marquis is easy and fun


Yeah I can’t figure out if marquis or Kleese is better for solo runs. I been doing marquis and running a 0 cost sprint and a purple boots with sprint speed and symbiotic gauntlet. Mobility is extremely vital for the first area but I am always worried about the boom bots. The other challenges not so much

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Yep, that sounds like what to use. You should try Aria’s Encore solo on him though. Cross map Bindleblast deals ridiculous damage, especially with Bola’s on top. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I invited someone who has figured out the best from each faction so he should be here soon

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I feel like arias encore is too situational. Rather, for speed runs you would be better off just one shorting gunners in the body with your sniper down the line. And It seems that for speed runs you would want s decent balance of gear. That’s why I went with no cost sprint for immediate effect, a purple move sprint for activating part way through area 1 and a legendary “haymaker” if you will to keep you up to par for aria and push your way through area 2 and into area 3

Oh, your choice is great, I was just saying that it’s a lot of fun to nearly kill her in one shot (her phases ruin it)

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I run max roll encore with voxis core(or just 0 cost max shield of 140) and codex fragment and just run Mortar build. I use this for solo and it works well, but of course he’s just slow

That hover tank challenge makes me so scared. I hide for way too long. I look forward to the advice

Well for area 2 (or the ops point desert if you will) the basic trick is… To not be a melee. I can’t imagine a lot of melees being valuable in the speed run save the few that have a ranged attack. I like to sit at the stairs where the respawm point is and just beat on the elit bots while Attikus Aggros. You stay away from there deadly salvos and your good

Just had a run of 24:11 with marquis. Ignored the mobs on aria for the most part. I think he is probably the best llc solo and probably a pretty good partner for other comps

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You can pass the hover tank challenge easily in the second area by running up to the top of the stairs as quickly as possible, killing the thralls at the final door area will give you credit for the challenge without dealing with the anchors and their spawns.


As much as I love Kleese and Marquis, and as much as I dislike Toby, I’d have to say Toby is the best character to run this solo.

Kleese is extremely powerful, but it’s too easy for one thrall grenade to completely screw over your survivability and both of your sources of damage. Plus without allies to distract the perma immune Aria during the last phase, if you don’t kill the other sister fast enough Aria will just come and say “f*ck you and your rifts”.

Even massively nerfed Marquis is still a sniper with good damage and no range fall off. But he lacks the health pool to survive more than one slip up, has no survivability, a lackluster Ult in terms of the confined boss room, and no hard CC to de-aggro the enemies.

While Toby on the other hand has…

  • 732 more effective health, along with a 1020 shield to hide behind, and 14 hps.
  • His primary has a much higher DPS than Maquis’ does, can kill stuff you’re not even aiming at, and it has zero recoil/no reload.
  • His Ult actually benefits from close quarters, can crit, and does a lot more damage.
  • Without helix augments Arc Mine does way more damage than a Windfall Hoodini, provides an aggro draw as enemies will attempt to kill it instead of you, and it has a 2 second stun for that Brute that might spawn behind you.
  • And his passive is an always on Time Bubble speed boost, that gives you 30% damage reduction when you run out.

The only things going against Toby is his primary’s reliance on his shield, (which despite how much damage everything does it rarely gets shot down) and his hit box. But the aforementioned survivability he has makes it so that’s never a problem in the DLC, especially with how I gear him. And really it’s only the burst damage stuff that messes up ranged characters. Things like Brute charges, suicide bombers, grenades, ect… so no matter how small your hit box is, those will always connect. Which makes bigger health pools better.

Not saying this is the best stuff, but I run a Symbiotic Gauntlet, purple Jennerit health regen, and flawed purple Jennerit max shield.

Kleese is great even in solo if you know how to keep your rifts alive, but things get sketchy if you don’t kill the second sister fast enough. He is probably the easiest in coop so long as your teamates are fine with never being revived.

They are still the top three, but Toby is just the top IMO.

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Pendless, with voxis core, aria encore and bolas.

fast time traveling btw chest
Ignore adds or leave aoe smoke bomb
Aria cant do a ■■■■ about you, i just use my ult land a hit or two, use injection and hidde again.
Takes me 22:06

My best sub 20 characters within each faction

LLC - Kleese - Mortar SD build
Rogue - Toby - AD/ Crit
Eldrid - Boldur - SD/AD
UPR - Ernest - AD/SD
Jennerit - Caldi - AD/ Crit

If your grinding packs, you’ll need one from each

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To add to this, coming up with the most efficient route for opening Ops chests is also handy. This is by no means the only route to take, but its the one I use and it makes it hard to miss Ops chests which can be big time sinks!


I don’t know about speed, but these are my easiest characters for this Op:

UPR: Ghalt - incredibly high damage at close distance makes all the run to the boss a walk in the park, but the boss part is a bit harder since you can’t one-shot her)) Still quite easy, power push.

Ernest also. High damage, great burst to push boss to a next phaze, no damage fall-off so you can shoot anchors from afar. I run them both with reload and attack gear.

Jennerit: Attikus no doubt. High damage, big HP pool, great life leach. Just power push through everything, no need of running and tactics. Full attack gear.

LLC: Kleese. Had only one run with him yet, the boss fight required zero effort. Just place rifts in the center and keep them all 4 up. The boss goes to the next phase in a few seconds. Except first phase, of course, where you don’t have all your rifts in place yet, but this phase is the easiest anyway. Full rift network also protects you from melee thralls and its shield recharge feature negates thrall gunners. Also, among all characters, he benefits from Aria’s Encore the most.

Boom-bots is a tricky challenge. I keep my eye on the map when I activate the beacon, if there’s one small red dot - there’s the boom-bot challenge. For me it’s very important to notice it as early as I can so I can take good position between them and the beacon. Then I quick melee them when they run past me. Requires proper timing, but a bit of practice and it’s OK. Also some characters with good damage, like Ghalt, don’t need it at all, just shoot them and they die.

Yep. I have gotten so good at meleeing Boom-bots thanks to this DLC XD


What’s your best or average time?
My routes a little different
Route ends with the Rally Beacon and starts up high so you can take out a lot of the mobs from a good vantage point

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Yes. The point of this thread is to, in combination, find which individual character from each faction could clear out the ops as well as what dou character synergies work the best for speed runs so as to get as many faction packs in the shortest amount of time.

I’ve never actually run it with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. Having a route is just good to have so there’s less backtracking and/or missing Ops chests. I almost completely ignore other small chests for the most part though and the route also changes slightly depending on the side objectives (such as beating the shard harvestor in Section #3, I will do that first and then return to #13 and resume from there.

Your way is probably a bit cleaner than mine as you also finish up right next to the Rally Beacon :wink: