Attikus DLC speed runs!

Very odd. I had my money on whiskey being the best character for a speed run in the rogues.

I think however you are underselling marquis. I very rarely need to worry about being alive as marquis. Only until I reach aria does my chances of dying go up. And in a solo run brutes are quite scarce when fighting aria. And with the right specing I can one hit a gunner with a body shot faster than I think Toby could. Houdinis also cool down quicker than the mine and I can just drop one on an anchor spawn before the anchor arrives. I think for the majority of challenges both characters are on par with each other but I think I can traverse the environment in a more timely matter and be mobile while gunning

I personally just don’t see Toby performing better than marquis in a speed run

Never seen one.

I’ve done this 111 times now, each character, by far the easiest HC is Ambra.
As for Speed runs, I can do it with Oscar Mike in 17 minutes on 100 OPs.


That’s the best gear build I’ve heard. Well, maybe Bola’s to add something more useful than recoil, but still amazing. Things must melt

I’m ping to immediately save this and never struggle again, thank youuuu!

Ooh. I see whatchu mean. Solo first try got my best run with om

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Jennerit: Ambra
UPR: Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Ernest, Benedict - are ez pz.
LLC: Kleese, he’s a true boss here.
Eldrid: Alani, Thorn
Rogue: Whiskey and Toby.

I usually average about ~20-22 minutes with them while solo. But I can’t help myself and I still open every single chest and stuff like that.

Benedict is probably the most enjoyable to play here.

I only played a few missions with Toby ever, but he was quite easy in this Op. 100 points, 0 deaths, never even close to. Really don’t know why, his hit box is huge and his shield can’t protect him on every side…

Yeah I was basically only making those comparisons for when you’re in the boss room. Neither of them ever die solo before the boss room, and I don’t think I’ve ever died solo in the boss room as Toby.

And if you know how to play Toby well, I’d suggest some comparison runs. He can deal with the Assassin challenge better than Marquis, he kills Elite bots and Aria much faster, and he almost never needs to reposition during the boss fight.

I undersell Marquis because I understand him very well. And they’ve made Toby’s numbers just flat out better because they did such a horrible job designing him. So in a controlled environment like the DLC (I.E. One where your enemies don’t run away and don’t focus your shield), Toby just steam rolls Marquis in performance.

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