Attikus - He is bad, but not as bad as you think (A sort of guide like thingy for Attikus)

So I been reading Attikus posts, watching Attikus play on my team and against, and players who discuss him in chat and just how bad he is. So I decided to try him out, and I came up with a conclusion.

…He is a bad character…

Now before you say “I told you so and what’s the point of this?” I must also say this, he’s not as bad as you think. And while that ole saying 'You just gotta know how to use them" is rampant on these forums I must say his current kit can make him tolerable to do some really nice things, despite falling short of what a lot of other characters have.

Now we all know a lot of his helix choices are bad and a lot of times just feel utterly useless, but there are ways to make his currrent build work for you despite it’s limits.

First let’s take a look at what he’s considered, a disruptor defender. I will tell you now, DON’T BELIEVE THIS UNTIL LEVEL 5! Attikus is not a disruptor tank, he is a damage dealer brawler/big skirmisher until level 5, so use him as such.

When you are engaged with Attikus, NEVER start with pounce. I am a Boldur main who can average about 13 kills a game (my best being 25) not due to surrender and considered one of the, if not best, Boldur on PSN right now and the first thing I tell other Boldur enthusiasts is NEVER LOSE YOUR AXE! The same goes with Attikus. Pounce has horrible cool down, and your only ability to escape those tricky situations (seeing as he is a big character he is easily picked off by snipers and anything that isn’t blind) So when you are engaged with opponents or minions, either start with a charged hook or go in swinging with Hedronic Arc. When opponents are almost KO’d then use pounce at your own discretion and use it accordingly. You are a disruptor, not an assassin, and your goal is to ultimately push your opponents out, not kill them, leave that to your attackers that suppose to be with you. I’ve found it best to Jump slightly past opponents to go for the stun or cut your opponents eggress off when you have the 2v1 with another teammate via body block (he gotta use all that girth somehow)

The Cold ■■■■ is your friend! When your opponent is engages with other teammates or is unsuspecting of attacks, Flank them with the fully charged hook. Find whatever way you have to charge it, charge it behind the wall and sneak your opponents, sneak a minion wave when you are with your minion posse. Do whatever you can to start flank/minion engagements with a fully charged hook as it makes minion clears so much more reliable (multiple bots taking 400+ damage is beastly!)

Don’t try tanking/disrupting until you are level 5! I can’t begin to explain to you just how well Attikus level 5 ability is with full charges, and i’m sure you know it is too. Do not preemptively go into using your charges to get a kill on an opponent, you are only hurting yourself. Wait until them mofo’s are trying to triple team you and you got ya buddy with you. Keep popping them up until he eventually takes one of them out or until help arrives for the both of ya. You will get powerplay so fast that way!

Hedronic generation isn’t a choice, it’s a nessisity. Even though, why would you want to buff anything with such horrible cooldowns?! Removing 15% cooldown on 20+ second cooldowns isn’t gonna do much in the long run, especially with the lack luster damage that pounce has. And what would be the point of only using one charge when all your abilities would be 25 seconds+!? Man get that health regen yo, you owe it too yourself. I mean, what defender wouldn’t want 350hp/every 10 seconds?!

Use Hedronic Arc only on three occasions.

  1. When you are not at full Charges (preferred 4)
  2. When you know you will be able to get an effective wave clear after using
  3. When you know it will lead to a KO’d opponent

If you ever use it anytime before then, you only cheating yourself.

Always get swift strikes, it makes you Tank better. I want to say that attack speed also makes your charged hook charge faster, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Cap attack speed first, attack damage second. Just like Boldur Attikus peforms extremely well with attack speed, rather it’s to build up the stacks faster for more damaging blows or for sustainment, he wants to hit the opponenet as many times as possible, next to starting off with a charged hook if possible that is.

And there you have it folks, my guidish to being a better Attikus. With this idea you might think that Attikus is OP, then you pick a character like Thorn and realize that “eh, I guess he is goodish”. Thank God he’s not Whiskey Foxtrot tier horrible, but you can actually do pretty well with him with this idea.


I wanna give my two cents on things that will make him better. and it really points out to one thing, HIS LEAP’S COOL DOWN IS JUST TOO MUCH! 25 seconds for a disruption attack, that only does 60 base damage, REALLY?! Even Gali started off as 200 damage STUN and it’s cool down isn’t even 20 seconds I don’t think, but to have 25 seconds on a disruption attack is just toooo much.

Also it’d be nice if he could get a helix that makes him dash while charging charged hook.


I basically run two types of helix choices, with healer and without healer, and here they are.

With Healer or another Tank Class

lv1 - Energetic burst: Start up gives me damage so when i’m trying to escape sometimes people die
lv2 - Staggering pounce: The start up damage also slow’s opponents so if I need to make a escape with much more ease or opponents are hunting me down while we focus on a weak opponent it makes the disruption alot smoother. Also while chasing opponents the slow plus knockback makes me and teammates picking of opponents much easier
lv3 - Tenacity: 60% bonus damage is Godly!
lv4 - Quickening Arc - Chasing down opponenets with Attikus is hell, and when I pounce and they are slowed, the quick makes the final few blows simple to land
lv5 - Hedronic Regeneration: This is really not a choice

Without healer or antoher defender

lv1 - Hydronic Syphoning: doesn’t give you much health at level one, but with the later level’s it gets BEASTLY
lv2 - Whatever that mutation that gives you health to all damage for 8 seconds after leap
lv3 - Brawler’s Boon (Attikus can hit for up to 150. 20 Hp a hit is extremely good on top of 350 hp every 10 seconds
lv4 - Dampening Arc: Anything you punch hurts less and when you are running with a complete set of DD’s and your team is usually focused on you it will give you those moments needed to either push your opponent back or get the KO’s with mimial damage.
lv5 - Hedronic Regeneration: This isn’t a choice

For Both:

lv6 - Disruptor field: Pretty useless but not as useless as trying to kill with 60 damage pounce
lv7 - Swift Strikes: Cause attacking more keeps attikus alive, not a bigger HP pool
lv8 - Big Splash: 15% increase of 67 damage is only 75, not worth the level 8 helix so it’s best to hit as many people as you can for the damage/disruption
lv9 - Hedronic Chain - This effect applies to all life that’s received from the level one helix and if I combine with the leap drain ability I actually gain full life from doing a wave clear. (and Attikus has alot of health)
lv10 - Wake of Devestation: His level 5 in PvP is made to disrupt, not Kill, but you might get lucky and get a kill with this lv10, but ultimately it’s goal is for your teamates to kill.

So there it goes folks, a good way to Attikus! With this guidish i’ve only lost 4 games with attikus to date, the second game I’ve played with him, two games where it was 4v5 (I always join random games) and a competent pre-made against my not so competent randoms. I’ll post pics if peoples don’t think this stuff’s legit, but ehhhhhh, that’s only if you ask ;).

That’s all folks!


I think you’ve officially given Attikus more consideration than anyone else so far.

Me? I use his horns as a coat hanger.

Lmao, I just call what i’ve been seeing. I think so far I’ve had maybe two bad games with Attikus. THe very first time I used him, and the time where my team just refused to push when I was clearing bots in the middle lane of incursion. We won both of them, but I was in the negatives both time. Every other game I have been in positives with even some games going as far as 15-0. I got pics I can show tomorrow if need be also :slight_smile:

Appreciating this love for big daddy Atty

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This is good.

I run a beastly attikus but id love to see a helix where movement speed is increased while using charge hook. Also the mutation where abilities only take 1 charge is crucial too me. Youll never drop below 4 charges once u get it (unless u die). His legendary gear is super helpful too because slow enemies get destroyed by his main attack and it slows on the first hedronic arch hit.

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Got to disagree, attikus is not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Apart from the first few games when I was learning the character I have yet to go negative, tenacity is just that beastly. I play attikus as an assassin, I use pounce to stun and then wreck.

I think where most people go wrong is when they try to go from rath into attikus and expect things to go fine, no. I’m just gonna say that in my experience, 80 hours and nearly level 100, that attikus has the highest skill ceiling of any character aka the more time you invest the more you will get out of that investment, but I agree that he needs a few changes, snipers wreck him a bit too much and the DoT could do with a buff in my opinion.