Attikus - He Will Not Die (Gear Build)

So the changes to health regeneration gear have me looking over all my tank battleborn gear builds, and Attikus jumps to my immediate attention.

These new regen values make it so Attikus could be walking around with a constant regen value rivaling fully upgraded supply stations if geared correctly. So, I dive into the gear catalogue and start digging around for stuff that suits Attikus and nets him as much hp regen per second as possible. I should mention - I’m not a believer in legendary heavy loadouts, I typically aim to have 1 per loadout depending on how cheap the other items are, or 2 if I’m running shard generation or depending on the character.

So, it goes without saying - whatever build you are going for here, Hedronic Regeneration must be taken. I have been contemplating taking Dampening Field over the speed boost just to make him that much more resilient, but I will wait to see how effective he is at securing kills with a gear build like this first. I’d also advise taking Invigorating Pounce, but of course we want Tenacity over Brawler’s Boon as otherwise Attikus is just a very impressive looking, unkillable pillow. The gear and Hedronic Regeneration will provide us with all the ablation we need.

So, first off, we need a health regeneration gear.

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This interests me as the attack damage boost is always useful for Attikus, and benefits the team while he’s wave clearing. Alternatively, we could take the generic Epic Jennerit serum as it has the same stats save for the damage = healing for 750 shards cheaper.

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If we just want flat health regen, this is the way to go for sure. With just this item and Hedronic Regeneration active, we are already at 56 hp/s. This is probably the choice I would go with.

So our second piece. Given that this build is about making Attikus as survivable as possible, Damage Reduction gear is a natural place to look, and we have a couple good options here as well.

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Going straight for the legendaries again, the recent changes to this item’s secondary effect seem prescient. We stick this on top of the Regrowth Serum, and now we have 77 hp/s with full stacks if we’ve taken enough damage, and without it a still respectable 63.

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A cheaper alternative but I honestly would still probably take the Blissbeast, and only take this if I wanted the Oath of the Sustained as well and felt unsure about balancing shards for building and shards for activating two legendaries.

So our final slot. I’m still a strong advocate of a shard generator. I’m personally kind of terrible at juggling my attention between nabbing shards at the right time and keeping lanes under control, so I like having a constant source of shards so I am leveling quickly enough and still reaching my gear. But if you’re much better at that sort of thing than I, we have two options: go even deeper into the health regen insanity, or pick up a gear that helps with Attikus’ damage output. For the former, I would take this:

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Weird choice, right? But with the buffs to the durability of minions and the return of shepherds in every wave, this is actually fantastic! With his natural shield penetration at 5 stacks, he can focus a shepherd bot extremely effectively, or kill off weakened minions that were saved by a timely overshield bubble. Since we need to maintain stacks and minions are the easiest source for them, it’s pretty great. And of course, we are now at 70 hp/s, or 84 hp/s if we took the Blissbeast and are under heavy fire.

For the latter, we would round it out with this one:

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Popular choice for melee characters, right at home on Attikus, and very affordable. You could also stick with the cheaper health regeneration serum and pauldrons, and take the Vow of Zealous Fury for your legendary and still have a pretty great 63 hp/s.

Anyways, long post, but this is probably the most fun I’ve had tinkering around with gear builds in a while. Let me know what you think!


Well to be fair, he still hits HARD with brawlers boon, good build, I’m definitely going to do it

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It’s admittedly less about his flat damage per hit and more about his DPS. Until he hits level 7 and reaches Swift Strikes, his DPS without Tenacity is pretty dull for a melee character. Tenacity helps alleviate it and of course combos very well with Swift Strikes.

Glad to hear you like the idea of the build though. Let me know how it does for you!

Just died, after taking on 4 people, having a minion wave to restack on, and killing 2 with one getting picked off by my teammate and the other with half health, this was after I got a 15 kill streak, this build is amazing (minion killed me, pounce was on cooldown)


Out of curiosity, what combination did you use?

Bliss beast skull, oath of the sustained, and violent endoskeletal graft (that extra damage really helps the life steal effects)