Attikus is OP, Galilea is balanced

At long last I have acquired definitive PROOF which PROVES that Attikus is PROVEN to be OP, while Galilea is well balanced at best if not a little underpowered.

In this screenshot you will see all the PROOF you need, this unquestionably PROVES that Attikus is undoubtedly PROVEN to be not only superior to Galilea, but far and away overpowered and by comparison Galilea is weak and underpowered.

Please fix this travesty, nerf Attikus AT ONCE and buff Galilea IMMEDIATELY!


Seriously, this isn’t serious, it’s satire. Please read the full post and comnents before flaring up over nothing.


How long did it take you to get to that point? I can get started at level 3, and really take off at level 5. All that regen and health steal really keeps him running, as long as you keep punching.

Finally someone who understands what a good place Galilea is in now. /s


I build to level 2 then use Pounce as an initiator with the mutation. His life steal is unreal, the only life steal skill I don’t take is at level 3, for obvious reasons. I even run the Oath of the Sustained on Attikus.

Edit: If you get to level 7 first, game over Attikus wins.

I run heal on level three, lol. I prefer the extra health to boosted damage. To boost my tanking abilities. I still take out people in good time, though.

I think the damage us too good to pass up, it’s better than the Vow of Vengeance. Besides, with life steal at levels 1 & 2 and the Oath of the Sustained I find you really don’t need that life steal skill.

What do you take at level 4?

Speed boost. I don’t have Oath of the sustained, though. I may change my style if it gives me life steal on punches.

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Still, I’m anticipating the Attikus rework. If they manage to make him EVEN BETTER at sustaining and allow me to go full berserk, they’ll have a friend in me! As of now though, just being a bully is good enough for me.

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I tend to alternate depending on the enemies, but I favour the speed. It’s like having opposite effect Boots of the Brute for no extra cost, while the damage reduction is essentially the pacifier. Then there’s his level 3 R > VoV and the attack speed at level 7, Attikus is essentially all of the top-tier legendaries lol.


I do wish you could trade loot. Make orange off limits, but let everything else be tradable. I’m more of a community guy, I never really understood the whole greedy this thing should only be mine mindset. I never notice if others have the same thing.

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please include the satire tag. the last thing we want is for gbx to hesitate for even a moment about galilea

This isn’t satire. Attikus is almost as OP as Pendles, and, as everyone knows, he’s incredibly OP.


I agree, that’s why I like shared loot in PvE. I wish we could trade legendaries too though, I wanted the Boots of the Brute for the longest time bit now that I have them I never use them lol, none of my friends have the BotB but they all want thrm, I wish I could trade so someone could make better of them than me :frowning:

I agree on the gal part but one screenshot isn’t proof for either. I’ve had really amazing games as everyone but that doesn’t mean they’re op. Every character is situational and does better against certain characters and game modes. When they break their situation and go beyond that situation they’re op.

[quote=“Slif_One, post:13, topic:1540732, full:true”]I wish I could trade so someone could make better of them than me :frowning:

If they hadn’t cranked the living hell out of the legendary drop rate, I would be asking for this too. As it stands, I don’t think there’s much reason/need for there to be trading since they’re so liberal with legendaries now (and soon to be even more so).

What about for non-legendary items?

Most legendaries are overrated anyways.

@Slif_One I must agree Attikus truly is OP making Galilea look like the most underpowered support character I mean only 15 assists and only winning a 1v2 shameful I should be able to 1v3 and sprint whilst attacking with my ranged attack as a melee character from the sniper perch.

I second the vote for immediately nerfing Attikus and buffing Galilea.

(Not really all sarcasm please get Galilea under control haha :slight_smile:)


I can understand the appeal given the massive randomness involved in non-legendary gear (random secondary stat, chance for a random penalty), especially when it involves getting the exact stats you’re looking for, but, with the exception of the purple loot packs, you can buy massive amounts of white/green/blue (and they drop like rain in PvE too) so I’m not really sure there’s much need (you’ll probably “farm” packs to get the perfect white/blue/green about as much as someone would farm a specific mission to get a max stat uncommon legendary).

Thinking about it now, PvE legendaries wouldn’t really have much of a “trade” market, but the loot pack ones, which are pretty much as rare as they’ve always been, might justify it, especially since it sucks so bad getting duplicates of those (my CR100 legendary pack had a lower stat duplicate of the same legendary I got from a legendary pack I got at CR1). It’d be nice to be able to those away to someone for one of their dupes.

[quote]Most legendaries are overrated anyways.

In PvP, maybe.

As someone who pretty much only does PvE (and does so with triple legendary loadouts, pretty much every time), a lot of legendaries are really useful: VoV, VoRD, SEoA, Alamo-7, Pacifier, Symbiotic Gauntlet, Lorrian Skill Spike, Bola’s Target Finder, and Symbiotic Spores are all really good legendaries (just counting the ones in my inventory right now that are good for the characters I play and discounting the lore legendaries). They’re too expensive for PvP, but they’re absolutely amazing for PvE, where price is really kind of irrelevant.

Attikus=noob crusher

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That poor Rath didn’t even get a chance to spin2win :frowning: He would’ve won the game if only he had gotten to level 5, because his ult is balanced.
And look at that Caldarius, only one death out of 60, OP as hell.

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