Attikus: Just as bad as the reviews

Since the open beta I’ve been reading reviews about how terrible attikus felt to play, but I figurred it was just growing pains due to the unique nature of every character. However, I have now played him and every previous review is justified. First off, he is a MASSIVE target for how squishy he is, and also very movement restricted due to his size. Much like every large character he gets caught on even the smallest change in the map, and his one escape tool/gap close suffers the same issue, and is on a pretty long cooldown. Speaking of that gap closer, it feels terrible that your one method of getting to all the targets you are supposed to be killing also throws them well out of melee range, basically relegating this ability to a mediocre escape tool. All of this is bad enough, but the absolute worst thing about him is his passive. You are competing with four other characters, most of whom will have ranged attacks or better wave clear than you, just to try to stack your passive in order to be even slightly relevant. Additionally seeing that you are such a massive target, and really squishy (why is a giant gladiator so squishy anyway? Seriously?) you are going to get focused and either exploded, or forced away before you can really do anything. All in all, this character is easily the least satisfying character I have played so far in this game, and one of the worst I have played in any MOBA. He definitely needs a lot of love before he is viable, or anywhere near fun to play.


Couldn’t agree more. I unlocked him today and tested him out for the first time on ‘The Archive’ and I was greatly annoyed by how just un-melee tank he is. I mean, he is a large, teched out Thrall; that just screams 'Get anywhere near me and you will die". His movement speed is far to slow, his starting melee damage is also far too low, and he felt undeniably squishy when in the middle of a grunt Thrall swarm. I know that there could be some player error on my part, but I just feel that Attikus should be able to wade into a swarm of grunt minions and decimate them with the worst case outcome being his shields are gone…

Isn’t that what being a Melee-centric character supposed to be about? Low movement but high attack? Take some time getting in close but the moment you are close you wreck shop? And yes, you are right that his ‘Pounce’ ability contradicts his whole design. Why not switch the ‘Pounce’ with something like El Dragon’s ‘Clothesline’? A straight line rush, like a bull charge, that either drags opposing players with him or leaves them stunned behind him? It would work perfect for his character and it would work with his melee design.

I don’t know. At this point Attikus is pretty much useless in all regards and that just makes me a little sad.

Attikus’ “mediocre escape tool” happens to be an amazing stun and an amazing tool in his kit. If you can’t use Pounce the chances are you won’t be able to use Attikus. He is not a “run in and get blown up but still live” kind of character. Playing him is not easy (despite what the game says… no idea why he has the easy tag).

Simply put, you have to play him very conservatively until ~level 4-5. His ult is probably the most powerful team-orientated skill in the game (extremely long CC when charged). At level 5 he gets a potential extreme power spike (35 HP REGEN PER SECOND. That is INSANE!) and with his mutations you can get 30% life steal on ALL damage.

Also, 2000 base HP is not exactly squishy. Attikus is a brawler, not a tank like ISIC or Boldur so his HP is quite appropriate for what he can do. Mid-late game your HP becomes kind of irrelevant when you can just gain it back in 2-3 seconds.

Probably the only change he needs is making the Pounce targeting easier. It is very clunky (workable, but still), needs some QoL updates.

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Attikus went from “LOLBAD” to “LOLINSANE” once you get him to rank 5 and level him to 5 in-game.

He’s so heavily balanced around taking the “Empowered now only take 1 charge” mutator helix and when you have that, you rekt face. He’s weak from 1 to 4 and you’re forced to do minion killing and shard gathering then every thing just die after you get some attack speed and attack damage.

Play him some more. Anyone experienced with the post-rank-5 Attikus will rate him high because that mutator allows him to jump in and do a 6 seconds knock up to an actual 100-0 fisting buff instead of just doing one of that.

I do great with him and I love him buuuuut I do feel like his Arc is a wee bit weak

Attikus is just bad. I have no clue why people are vouching for a fully useless character, but there is a evident skill gap in this game.

Attikus is a Tank and brawler he has ungodly amounts of lifesteal witch can be boosted with the leech gear that gives 10% life steal on skill dmg. I have seen attikus go on wrecking sprees on people who know how to use him if your trying him for the first time and getting wrecked then coming back to the forums saying he needs a buff you guys need to. Attikus is a Mid Game Bloomer and needs a healer or early wave clear to lvl him up and get the party going

I’ll vouch for post 5 Attikus. Tenacity+Attack Speed = Nothing can take you 1v1 save for a sentry.

I will say this. He needs more survivability given his size. As is, you choose between damage and survivability, but he’s to easy a target to not get innate survivability.

My only probably with after playing him some more his he is to weak at level 1 i feel his health should be at 2190 same as montana maybe higher as he not ranged like montana he cant stack health like kelvin and he doesnt have a shield like isic or boldur so why his health is the same as isic and kevlin i dont know.
He the only character i feel i need to do this with his helix i need to get attack speed, life steal. With his gear i need to get attack speed to make him beast everyone else i am like i will this gear because me makes be better not i need it if you get what i am trying to say.
Yeah attack and tenacity is beast shame i have to pick it over life steal.

1 to 5 is pure gear…work on that. Run gear that buffs sprint or movement, attack speed, and attack dmg. Once you buy the gear he’s beastly. Then when you get the lvl 5 helix he is even better but when you get that 20% attack speed buff he’s insanely fast dps wise. Just make sure you run gear that buffs his weaknesses and that activates on melee hit.

JAttikus is my best for PvP currently.
I do have to say that like others, from rank 1 to 3 he’s pretty bad. You need to farm a few minions here and there or kill/assist people that are isolated with your pounce.

Rank 3 you get Tenacity which makes a HUGE difference, The life steal can good if there’s no healer but I almost always go for the damage.

Rank 5 he gets another big boost with the 35 per sec regen, helps you win those 1v2.

Rank 7 is when he gets a 20% Attack speed boost which is instantly noticeable. I run Attack speed/Damage gear so with this my attack speed is increased by 45%

Edit: Just remembered, I switched my glove so it’s only a 40% attack speed bonus out for his Legendary lore glove. It’s actually super useful. If lasts for about 3ish seconds but slows them right down, I use the movement speed helix at Rank 4 so once you hit them with a boosted arc fist there’s no running away.

Rank 10 with the 240 damage over 2 secs for his Ult can destroy, even without the knock up.

He takes practice and patience, don’t just jump in there.
If you do get a few early kills in though, your going to be a nightmare for the other team.z

Voting that Atty’s a beast. Got his legendary, turns his mid game from Caldy esque hit n run to hit and smash and hulk is angry YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE! :smiley:

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Maybe I’ve just had bad games, but damn it is tiring to feel weak for half the game. Feels like most melee just dance around you and spin to win till you hit seven, and without attack speed, he’s just really, really bad. There is far too much need for swift strikes.

Pounce is a great escape and chase tool, I just don’t know why it takes forever and a day for it to get off cooldown since you need it for both. It’s really stupid, honestly. I can’t open with it early since I know I’ll end up running soon enough. And even if I do, half the stun time I might get is wasted looking for the enemy sometimes.

Seriously, as a giant, slow tank, he feels real squishy. I’ll try running health REGEN and attack spees to see what that makes of him. It’s just irritating not getting shards at the start of the game and being just north of useless that much longer.


Agreed entirely on his early game, I didn’t clarify there. Give him better regen (imo) a slightly bigger pool, and a bit of movement speed. Or make movement speed first helix after leech. He’s pretty easily countered, if I can 1v1 a decent atty with Caldy in mid/close combat, something is wrong. Or I’m just that good. Nope, something’s wrong.

He should get innate movement speed with his stacks. He gets electrified and it stimulates his muscles to work faster. I dunno. Something. 4/5 stacks mean jack squat, and only at 5 do they matter. Yeah, there’s the rank five helix, but the mutation is almost literally too good to pass up. The difference between a charged Ult and uncharged Ult is huge.

Damn my obstinace! I just wanna quit him and face roll with Rath (Who gave me Worthy of Song), but he’s just… so… cool. :weary:

Stomping with atty is more fun than Rath, when you can manage it. Give him time. Also, I like the movement speed idea. That would make him actually useful before 5 stacks. I kinda just thought being Near a dying enemy should give you them.

I try using him in Incursion and I get rolled out everytime and properly sat in the corner. I like him in capture and meltdown but mostly capture, nowhere to run really.

Oh I never thought to use him in capture. Granted, solo q is not a good place to do that - my teams like to fight outside my rifts when I’m Kleese -.-

My last game.
Attikus, as bad as… nah. it’s ok. I’m starting to hate people’s complains about how bad a character is when they don’t understand how it works. Gear him peoperly. Choose the right helix. It isn’t always as obvious as you might think.

I’m really sick of listening how people tells gearbox what to do. Alani ha been just released and she has change petitions already. please stop this.

I’m the opposite, I like playing him in Incursion the most and Capture the least.
I think the reason is I can’t get all his gear in Capture though