Attikus: Just as bad as the reviews


Well, if literally every other character is that much easier to use and can actually fufill a niche that’s obvious, just maybe, maybe he isn’t as well designed as the rest of the cast.

Every other character I’ve played I’ve managed to succeed with in my 1st game or two. I read the skills, get used to their attacks, and play to their strengths. An excellent example is Boldur. He is not an easy character you can just pick up, but after a while, I learned to play him and love him greatly. Attikus, I’m sorry to say, is lackluster in design.

You think he’s fine, great, that’s awesome, but the fact that an overwhelming number of people think he needs work or quality of life changes should speak to something. I’m pretty sure all these people aren’t just bad. I’d like to think if 1/15 people claim a character is good, then perhaps that 1 is the exception.

Now I’ve defended him before, but honestly, he’s barely worth the effort to play anymore. No one in the cast needs to work as hard. If I wanna brawl? There is Boldur, Galilea, Shayne and Kelvin, whom all have survivability without gimping their damage. Disruptor? Alani, Kelvin, and Ghalt do it better with sufficiently less risk. Be an assassin? Literally any every other damage dealer is faster than him with comparable, if not better, damage, and isn’t such and easy target.

Yes, I’ve done very well with the character, but there is not a single character that’s as frustrating as Attikus. Half the damn time I feel bad picking him since I barely do anything till 3rd level, and even then focus on minions and thralls since if there is a Caldarius, Rath, Phoebe, Galilea, Montana, Marquis, or some others, I know I’ll just get kited or blown to bits.

Again, he can be used well, but so can Dan in SF4, doesn’t mean he is line with the rest of the cast. Maybe you’re just that bad ass and I’m not good at the game, and more power to you for being that good, brother, but nothing is a sobering as trying to make Attikus work for about 9 games, and doing okay, only to pick Rath with stacked attack speed, and get Worth of Song with the greatest of ease.

He may be deadly if played well, but he’s harder than the rest of the cast with about the same ceiling of results for Mastery, if not worse, since anything you can do with him, so many others do better.

(lassavins) #23

Just tried to play a game with benedict. And I sucked with a 1/12. I assume that its not my playstile, I can’t aim with rockets, and choose another char. But Because of that I don’t say Benedict sucks.


Attikus is my favorite hero. Start of the game, pick off weak people who stray from the group. My team finds someone to the side I jump behind them and block there path. While you all hate his size because he has trouble moving around. That’s how they feel. People escaping is a thing of the past once you learn to use his big body. Also people panic and keep jumping instead of trying to go a different route or fighting back. Easy kills.

His lore item is great. That slow on punch is a godsend. He really needed that. Jump on someone watch the map not the screen to see where they went quickly walk in the direction they will be running to body block the escape and begin to punch.

(Kennysded) #25

I love atty, but I agree he could use a slight buff. If nothing else, his pounce should stun, not knock back. That’s probably my biggest issue - I lose kills when it knocks them the wrong way. His electric damage is pretty great, though. However, he’s the easiest target when I’m Toby or Caldy. Like Montana, but not able to fight back.

(Raisumo ) #27

I honestly don’t get the point in Charge Efficiency except in maybe PvE. The health regen is too much to give up imo. His only good overcharge ability is on his Ult which you should ingage with anyway and after he gets a kill it goes back up to 5 charges. Having 4 charges means nothing with Charge Efficiency but with the healing per stack at least you gain a 28 regen per second.
Say if you have 5 charges, you pounce in and drop to 4 and to get 5 to use your Ult you still need a kill…why not just use your Ult straight away?


I’m just not a fan of his melee speed. I’ve had multiple mods that increase it and he still feels slow. I get his Ult is great but nothing a stun can’t take care off. Good players know when to use stuns and it completely takes Attikus out of the game. Oh he activated his Ult, better use my stun. Skilled Attikus players will most likely pounce out if Ult is canceled or they pounced in and stunned the only character/s that have stuns. I believe part of the reason for hate is his size. You see this big hulking mass and you think, “I’m going to stomp some ppl.” That’s just not how he works unfortunately. My favorite kill on him was when I was Phoebe and just kept using True Strike to circle around him. He hit me once… I still laugh at that.

(vutherac) #29

Deleted my rambley wall-o-text, but Charge Efficiency gives him a lot more freedom to using his abilities on Incursion or Meltdown. You can fully-charged Arc some minions, then Pounce after an enemy Battleborn with the expectation you’ll be fully-charged from the minions getting killed, or fully-charged Pounce onto a nearly dead buildable with an enemy nearby to get fully-charged again after landing (both of which are greatly aided by Pounce’s spectacular range) to unleash ultpocalypse. Without it, you’d damn well better be right it was worth using the full charge for your abilities and you’d better be positioned well to unleash good fully-charged ultimates.

(davidsgarbageacc) #31

I also think that charge efficiency isn’t that great, but the health regen fails just as badly so I usually pick charge efficiency anyways. His lack of survivability forces you to play a hit and run tactics, so it would be nice to have some health regen to get healthy after fleeing. But when his flee move consumes all of your charges leaving you with no health regen, what’s the point of the regen at all. Just bad design on the developers part on this part of his helix.

(Ian) #32

Leap is a great opener (although best not to use it fully charged and get a pitiful bonus to shield damage).

Nothing quite as satisfying as pouncing on a Marquis who has been shooting at your ample hitbox and then just beating them to death.

Only issue is making sure you don’t over extend as you can’t leap away.

(grakor456) #33

After playing Attikus for a while, I kind of feel that he has some design flaws.

The Charged Hook (his secondary attack) is kind of useless, from what I can see. I agree with someone (in another thread?) that it would be much more useful if it could be charged up while sprinting, even if it requires a helix choice.

The charge system in general is a little wonky. I don’t feel a system that discourages skill use is a good thing, and right now you kind of want to not use skills when you have a 5-charge because you want to use that on your ult.

I also agree with others that he’s really weak early-game, and isn’t as tanky as his defender status would imply. He goes from incredibly fragile to a lifesteal tank as he levels, but it takes him a while to get there.

(crummysaint) #34

I think a big problem with his charge is that it simply doesn’t flow with his combos, there’s a huge hitch in his giddyup.

There must be a bug or some way I haven’t quite grasped as to how to clip the animation because sometimes it flows quite well and you can dropp a fully charged hook into something wearing a full stack of tenacity and other times you can hammer on the secondary like a teenage boy watching cinemax afterdark not get anywhere.

(davidsgarbageacc) #35

While I think he could still use some adjustments, I think I have him kinda figured out. I win probably around 70% of my matches with him and often lead the team in kills and damage. I pretty much just play him as a jungler.

Attikus has one of the fastest clears of thralls and has the mobility to move around the map quickly (especially on overgrowth). Every 2 minutes starting at 28 minutes I start capping our thralls. Sometimes I will also pounce up to the enemy base and challenge the enemy for there thralls if I hear the announcement that they are trying to cap thralls. Attikus is pretty good at 1vs1 in small spaces, so you can often kill the enemy and steal their thralls. At 25 min and every next 5 min, i go take center thralls. Attickus can clear these in about 10 seconds.

Playing full thrall capper gives attikus much needed experience as well as 5 charges each thrall. Once you have your ult, you can go drop a fully charged ult into battle in between thrall cap. I also stopped using his level 5 mutation and went exclusively health regen. I feel the health gain is just too valuable to Attikus’ survival, and focusing on thralls helps Attikus get his 5 charges often anyways. And later in the game, the health regen will let you survive some of your kamakaze dives into enemy backlines.

If at any point while I’m jungling, I notice the enemy sentry being hit, I will run to the enemy back door and investigate. If the sentry has low shields or is not being watched from the back side, I will just kamakaze in there. Attikus can put a ton of damage out really quick to a target that isn’t running away, so even if you die, you can often take out a large chunk of health from the enemy sentry.

(Maagnoguido) #36

On the PvE front, Heliophage is reaaaaaaal easy with Attikus. He owns that mission solo.

(DownTheSpine) #37

I couldn’t disagree more.

He battles for the “my favorite character” title, with ISIC. However, a few improvements can be made…

  1. Leap is a deathtrap. Unless you’re assisting a kill, you’re delivering yourself to the opposing side. This needs a rework, such as a short invul timer when he lands.

  2. As a heavy CC character, shields seems to be a waste. As soon as you engage, they’re striped away. Maybe recreate him as an unique hero, by buffing up his armor and health, and dropping shields altogether?

  3. Just improve his base movement speed. He was fitted with a power harness, which bulked him up and increased his intelligence (cunning).

I use this build/info, and hoping it may help others :

( #38

Give him damage reduction on charages and that will remove alot of problems I feel. Also a shorter cool down on pounce and he is golden. He’d be the only tank class that could assassinate, which would be awesome.

(Chaosthedude) #39

How about raising his damage res and make it so his hedron adds another buff or two with his helix, I can think of what should be dropped for this…

(Pictones) #40

That could be his secondary. Attikus braces himself reducing 30% of the damage taken while in this stance, Arms raised and such.

(Kennysded) #41

At least 50%. Treat it like a shield, but minus the move speed reduction since he still takes some damage. I like this idea.


Once I hit level 7 I feel godlike, it’s just getting to that point is hard, especially if your opponents are ranged.

Last night we played meltdown and we’re fully pushed back into spawn, down by 200 points with 10 to go. I hit level 7 and went from 0 and 6 to 7 and 7. We came back so hard 2 players just stopped playing!


Trust me, once you get a feel for how big Attikus is, he is a monster

(This is coming from somebody who used to feel the same way about attikus until he forced himself to master him and ended up loving him)