Attikus: Just as bad as the reviews

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #44

Stack attack power or attack speed and attikus is a fuckih monsters… 225+ per hit or +55% att speed

(AkuTheWicked) #45

I mostly go for a more survival kit, giving him a loadout with the veil manipulator, the blissbeast skull plate and his legendary gear and it does pretty well, until a late game El Dragon comes and gives me 4000 worth of damage ( like seriously what’s with that late game ) but if there were to make some changes on him i would think it would be the following:

1: Either give his passive so that the charges fill themselves over 3 or 5 secs( or maybe an added effect on his legendary ) or give him a naturally dmg reduc between 4% or 6% for each charge.

2: Increase Hedronic Siphoning lifesteal to 25% or 30%.

3: Change Chain Breaker to instead of a kill goes for hit on major enemy, that way this helix option will be more useful.

4: Rework the mutation Skull Crusher cuz let’s be real nobody uses it and its gosh darn impossible to be able to use it ( if its not a characters shorter than you and with a big head, examples:Miko, Pendles, etc.)

5: Change the helix options for the level 8 to the level 2 so you have a better option early game for wave clearing.

6: Rework Invigorating Pounce cuz nobody is gonna use the leap for lifesteal and maybe change it give a 15% damage boost for 5 or 6 secs.

7: Increase the Unstoppable health buff to 400.

8: Change Quickening Arc so it just gives you the movement speed upon activating.

I can’t think of other things i would like to see work on cuz this are just some things, maybe there are other stuff and maybe some of the changes might be a bit strong but Attikus compared to other tanks doesn’t have a shield and has to be in the middle of everything unprotected and at the mercy of ranged players.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #46

That’s all good but I’ve heard a few people use invigorating pounce so that should still be a thing. It’s one of his like 3 survival helices

(Avi16200) #47

The only thing that really dissapoints me is his survival choices, if I take all 3 than I will have to give up Tenacity and a 3 seconds slow on pounce and the reward is just not big enough. I was really excited for a life steal kind of defender but if I go down that path than Atty would be even more insignificant early game. DPS builds are fun but damn I want to be that monstrous life-leeching unkillable thrall.
Also Pounce needs to be looked on, it’s still wonky and the shield damage bonus on full charge is laughable. Instead they should change it that using Pounce with full stacks halves the cooldown. But if they improve his life-steal I would be fine with Pounce.