Attikus lore challenge broken

(Pootietang696969) #1

Let’s discuss one paticular aspect of it.

" land a critical hit on rendain with a fully charged hook 12 times"

Sounds simple enough but here are some difficulties. I understand lore challenges could be tough just by character design, but this is too much.

  1. rendains knockback: all of his moves have knockback , making approaching with a 2 second charge hook almost impossible. Simply by going in you get knocked away
  2. rendains small critical hit hitbox: his head constantly moves about, and is hard to hit when he is rarely stationary. Put this on top of the fact the moves he has cause severe knockback, lasting hitboxes, and low cool down make it more difficult.
  3. hooks aim: it’s hard enough to use by itself when it’s a poor option. You end up hitting him a bunch with mishits or misses and kill him before you can land one
  4. number of times. Considering te difficult stated above, 12 times is way too much for a challenge. Maybe reduce it to 3-5 or change it to kill rendain with a fully charged hook. It’s ridiculous to expect this to work successfully 12 times in one or even 2 tries when other lore challenges are extremely easy.
(Gerard HDZ) #2

I got it in two tries


Took me four runs, but I got it. It’s hard, but nowhere near impossible.

(Martok) #4

I got it in 3 runs. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible.

(Puunchbag193) #5

Got it in 3 runs. Thats only because i was fully chargering it(which you dont need to do) so i kill him before i did it.
Its a challenge not even the hardest one out there.

(Sam Hemmert) #6

Doesn’t need to be fully charged, just spam your secondary attack.

(Thrall Lover) #7

Took me four or five runs. It’s tough, but doable. The difficulty of it makes completion that much sweeter, though.

(Maagnoguido) #8

Atticus is one of the easier Lores to complete. 4 runs on solo PvE normal and I got it.

Rendain doesn’t do a tremendous amount of damage. Atticus, with a refer gear, his +35 regen Helix with charged claw, Rendain can’t kill you.

So you have essentially the max amount of time to line up head shots. Aim for just above his right shoulder. That seems to be the best spot to land the critical.

(Pootietang696969) #9

I appreciate the feedback fellas. Not having it fully charged makes it easier. The difficulty wasn’t in the level itself, just executing this challenge since so much is against you to be accurate