Attikus - Lore Challenge, please lower it from 12 to 1

The legendary gear challenge for Attikus (I think it is called “In his face” in english) is unreasonable. Rendain has a puny face/ critspot and it isn’t easy in general to crit with melee characters (and especially with Attikus). Yet the challenge demands to use for it his fully charged melee, while Rendain constantly juggles you in a arena full of pits.


It doesnt need to be fully charge pressing it once works

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It’s still really hard lol. I just got in hear to see if anyone has any tips to do it I can’t seem to land one crit

Its not that hard you cant crit him while he has a sheild least i couldnt but just press the button to charge hook dont charge it just use it like a melee attack you have to do the mission at least twice just becuase it does so much damage when it crits.

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I still haven’t gotten more than 1-2 per attempt just slapping him with it in the chin repeatedly, over the head from in the air, you name it. You should charge it as little as possible since he will most definitely die before you finish the achievement, so the less damage the better.

Anyone know if you can crit him phase 1 with his shield up? I haven’t yet but I don’t know if it’s the atrocious probability or actually not possible.

I’ve had an issue to. I feel his crit spot is a little too small. I didn’t get any crits on the shield so I guess you can only do it after the three additional bosses. The fact that he throws Attikus around like a rag doll upon ANY attempt to even get close is what makes it tough in my opinion. I managed to get a total of 2/12 (one of which was when I was falling and thought I hit the ground next to him…weird)

I finally managed to beat this challenge, but it took about 16 tries. A couple attempts failed, most were runs with only one or two critical hits, but the last game, I managed to hit him 4 times in a row. Just jump and aim for the chin! Lol
This one’s a grinder. Grind hard my friends.

At least you were lucky enough to get past the Experiment lol.

Hmm I did the challenge in like 3 runs. Doing the mission solo was actually the run I was able to just take my time and get the most hits in.


Yeah, it is easier solo, but I was also completing his other lore challenges. If you’re only tryna get that lore challenge done, you’re right, just role solo dolo.

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I think this is why it get’s hard to rank a character to 15. So you have something to do on the way lol. I just hate getting tossed around like a rag doll. Wouldn’t be an issue in the slightest if that didn’t happen.

I’m sitting at 5/12 right now after 2 solo attempts of only hitting him with the uncharged charged hook, its possible to do for sure but I think since its such a pain to stay on top of him with all the knockbacks and blocks and whatnot 12 hits might be a bit high.

Also I’m almost positive you can’t crit him in the first stage when he has the shield up.

Alright I got it after four tries, super frustrating and I’d hate to have to do that any more then four times.

Only took me two attempts on normal solo to complete.
Killed all the adds then just hovered the crosshair over his head and about 20% of the time it was a crit. Nearly had to do it a third time as the last two hits before he died were crits

I’m actually having more problems getting a win in Echelon for the challenge to win in each of the three Jennerit maps than getting the 12 hits, Haven’t even played a map on Echelon since I finished “In his face”.

This lore stands out as particularly bad. All the other Jennerit just have to do an amount of damage instead of trying to hit Rendain while bouncing around like a meth addicted top. If we have to suffer with the gigantic hit box, the least we could do is not get bounced a quarter mile up in the air with every attack from Rendain. This is unnecessarily punitive and makes me want to set Attikus aside for a very long time.

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This is actually pretty easy. I got 10 crits in one run. Just get health regen so u can stay alive, and then go over to the platform furthest to the right with the bunker thing with the stairs. Walk onto the ramp by the stairs and just stand there. Rendain will just stand around below you and you can just keep dropping down and punching him. You will be out of range of his swords cuz your up the ramp.

Why do people have trouble with this exactly? Sure he has a small hitbox but you only need 12 hits with an uncharged secondary attack.

It’s mostly just difficult because you’re hitting a small target with a slow attack, all the while your aim getting tossed all around due to the absurd number of knock-backs Rendain has.

I did manage to get it in only two solo runs, though. It’s tedious more than challenging. It does help to know that you can get some crits on his face in his first phase as soon as his shield falls. He’ll take no damage, but punches to the face still count as crits then.

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I went and completed the challenge in 3 runs solo (one was advanced and was tough as nails to do the multiboss section). For those wanting advice for how to do it, what I did was move to a new platform and wait for him to jump over and take that time to attempt the hit. He only has two versions of attack when jumping over to a platform and generally you should get a hit in before he can react. Keep in mind you need to keep a little distance from his landing spot before going in on him since both attacks knock back when he lands. I did it assuming that you had to do a fully charged punch which meant I was constrained by Rendains health pool as well.

As I read earlier in this post, you evidently don’t need a fully charged punch, so you should have a lot more opportunities to hit him then I did.

Hope this helps. :wink:

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Right at the end of the shield phase, you can crit him without him taking any damage (as he’s reeling in pain).
The time window is very tight, but there’s enough for one punch, and is what I did while I was getting it done.