Attikus Lore Unlock not triggering after patch

So I just started running some quick Hardcore PvE matches (where I just jump off the edge) to trigger the Lore unlock refresh for characters who I now meet the requirements for after the patch. Whiskey Foxtrot unlocked just fine however when I did Attikus, neither the Trophy or his Legendary was unlocked after doing a mission with him. I ran it twice just to make sure.

@JoeKGBX is his lore unlock possibly bugged?

I had done Ghalt’s lore, Gally’s lore, and Attikus’s lore up to the point where it should have been completed upon updating. When I updated I checked the lore pages and saw they were all complete. So I ran a match with each of them and got the trophies for everyone but Attikus’s, and I only got Ghalt’s legendary.

I believe it is seriously bugged right now and I’m pretty sure GBX is working on it, but I’m still kind of bummed out that I cannot use Gally’s legendary in PvP.

Here’s hoping that they fix this soon

Did you try again recently?

I had a huge problem with ISIC… the update screwed around so his one Lore was “Complete” without me ever touching him in PvP, so scoring Minion Kills was impossible…

I recently replayed a match got his gear and the Challenge has also been updated and is glitch free.

Also, since the Thread contains “Attikus” and “Lore”… how the hell do you get the one there you have to win on Echelon? I got 3 problems…

1 I’m not good with Attikus
2 I almost never get to play on Echelon (everyone LOVES Overgrowth)
3 Got teamed up badly with randoms

I which for the PvP stage it would have been enough to participate in a Match on Echelon…

Gear unlocked however the PS4 trophy did not as far as I can tell. I only did a quick Hardcore run (where you jump off a cliff at the start of the match) which has worked for pretty much every other Lore challenge to date.

As for Echelon…5 man premade with a decent team composition (getting your whole team to vote for the map means the other team has to all vote for another map to cancel it and even then, it’d be 50/50 chance). As Attikus, you spend most of your time working on buildables and setting up Thralls. I did it before the last big patch hit too, so I only had a 1 in 2 chance of the map getting picked.

Yeah trophy seems to be troublesome somteimes…

I played Local with a friend and got the trophy for Montana, but I didn’t update it there on the spot and thought if I play one or two matches it will pop up… I ended up telling him to sign in so I can get the trophy on my console as well, might be that this thing really screws out of trophies…