Attikus mission score ZERO?

Is this a bug or did I miss something?
(Has happened twice tonight)


Is that… “Team -85450

And yeah, it showed 0 for me and my buddies too. Didn’t notice that negative team score though, haha

Curious, has this happened to anyone solo? Every screenshot of the glitch I’ve seen has shown it as the result a three player match. Maybe something to do with cumulative team scores going negative when added?

Yeah, it’s only happened to me when I was on a 3 man publicly matched team.

Imma guess somebody in the Gbox building is getting nailed for this goof.

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I did multiple public matches last night and never had that happen.

We (3 friends in pre-made on public PS4) got mission complete score 0 in our only match today
(which I at the time believed was due to not finding any operations gear or something …)

Though, odder than that, is that final score (second screen) stated 83755.

Go figure.

We got that bug happen to us while doing the Void’s Edge, three player team in a private match.


Pretty funny, but probably not impressive for the new player on our team who’s second mission got a zero, heh.

Yep, got that screen. Also, why does Attikus ice skate to the door when he first appears?

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Well then. I guess they’re getting rid of score entirely :joy:

Something has gone horribly wrong though. And here I was, thinking I could also farm for the rest of my missing gold medals until people start playing Quick Match again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got the zero score bug as well. Annoying, but I already got gold on the DLC Op… Plus I got 100OP so I’m not feeling too bad about it, but it still sucks and I hope it gets fixed soon :c

Team of us just got it on Sabo also, with another bug, a challenge timer that was counting backwards.
Seems something really got busted.

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I have experienced the Final Score displaying as 0 as per first image (also three player raid), but during the results screen everything else was as normal.

Match Screenshot

The only thing that I can think of that may have caused it is that Aria’s sister bugged out and disappeared 3 seconds after appearing in the fight.

I’ve just had this happen on 3x back to back runs of The Experiment (Advanced) with 5, 5, and 4 person team respectively. Getting pretty bloody annoyed.

Have had ths happen several times in several Maps as well, sucks :triumph:

…It’s still happening to us today.

ive had this happen a few times

And happened to my team yday, again.

@jythri @JoeKGBX, u aware?

Same question here
And the 0 thing happens roughly every other time. I’m unlucky it seems

Has happened today each time there are 3 people.

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