Attikus Multikills Anyone?

Now that I’m learning how to keep his high risk of death under control, I can now go for that +Attack Speed helix now instead of the 360HP crutch.
The result is my first Quadrakill… as Attikus (note: I play solo; 4 randoms)!!!

The floor for Attikus to do well is so damn high, and there’ve been so many awful games as him, but his ceiling seems to be extremely high… the better you perform and the better your team performs and co-operates… yeah.
Anyone out there scored a PENTAKILL with Attikus yet? Double points if you queued solo and got it.


Impressive. Best I’ve done is a Hedronic Eruption triple in Capture but I’ve never even come close to a quad and I’m at Master of Attikus.

Keep doing the big man proud out there for all of us.

Pentakills are a very real possiblity with him especially with his spreading DoT mutation and ult mutation at level 10 because a very false confidence is built early-on.
Landing fully a charged hook on an enemy full of tenacity stacks is probably the most satisfying thing in the game.

Oh look another free killOH GOD MY FACE!

Justice for the lowborn.


I’ve gotten a Quadra kill with him before, it was on capture and came in from behind and body blocked all of them lol

Lol all my quads are when playing with randoms… Good teammates “team shoot” (aka kill steal) too much :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember a 3v5 on Echelon where 4 enemies literally just ran into my fists around a corner at the stairs. Level 1-3 that quick. (Insert cockney guffaw here) Noice!