Attikus Needs A Buff

Simply put. He’s way too weak to be what he is, movement speed is dead slow, he can barely hit, cool downs are far too large, not enough damage, etc.

I actually like where he is. He’s no Galilea, but he can certainly hold his own once his Helix gets started. He’s supposed to move slower than several other melee characters (I mean, look at him. he’s huge with tini-tiny legs. Adorbz) and his hits actually can do quite a bit. I try to focus on attack speed and it serves me REALLY well. As for his cooldown I think they’re reasonable. They’re like half of what ISIC has for his and 10 and 15 seconds is pretty lax.

My suggestion is focus on attack speed and health regen gear

The biggest issue is choosing between Tenacity and Life Steal on hit. Tenacity makes attack speed the single most powerful stat to raise, while life steal makes him actually feel like a Jennerit heavy hitter (They’re literally called sustain). The issue is that I use tenacity and think life steal must be bonkers, but no Tenacity means less damage means less life and longer flights, the longer fights negating the life steal.

His helix mutation to make all damage steal 30℅ life is very interesting. Potentially bonkers lol. Perhaps that mutation plus cooldown gear would be nice.

10 and 15 seconds? his cooldown are like 22 and 18 seconds. Honestly he is good if you have attack speed gear but i think thats the problem no one says o isic is good if you get this gear he is just good same with most of the battleborn you dont need gear to make them good.
He doesnt need a massive buff just small ones his movement speed is fine he is not meant to sprint around like other melee character.
Damages is fine doesnt need to be changed
Skill cooldown i feel 22 seconds and 18 are very harsh kelvin stun is 24 seconds and alot easy to use boldurs is 12 cant remeber the others i feel 18 and 16 would be better 20 and 16 at least.
Health he has the same health has kelvin and isic kelvin who can gain health with chomp and isic who has a shield to block i feel his health should be around 2190 same as montana has he doesnt have skills that give him damage reduction or health gain or a shield.
Skill damage is fine and doesnt need to be changed.
Attack speed i feel like this is ok its not slow but not fast i wouldnt say it needs to be buffed if others disgree i see why but it should be very small 3 percent max

I apologize. By the time I look at the CD to checck it’s often like 8 and 12 and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long so I guess I goofed on that.

This is my opinion on if Attikus needs a buff or not…

Your probably i very good player i am not saying he is massively underpower just a slight buff to his health would be fine.
Also judgeing by miko and rey you had a good healer which yeah when a miko heals you do well

he needs to be polish.

I get wrecked quite a bit actually. I just feel that a lot of people are jumping to conclusions about characters being under/overpowered when the motto of this game is literally “A character for every type of badass” (or something like that). Maybe people just can’t get a grip on his playstyle (like Kleese). So many people play one or two matches with their own playstyle and claim a character needs a buff without actually trying to get to know them.

He relies on his helix a LOT from what I understand and can’t really get going without proper gear and helix skills.

He still needs a buff, people can belief what they want and do what they want. There’s players that are easy to steam rolls, that doesnt change the fact that reality is a real thing and that the character needs a buff of one sort or another.

He is a high risk high reward character, that is vastly underpowered in early game and actually too strong late game. Showing off the fact one can steam roll new players doesn’t validate or invalidate anything stated.

I just wish his helix selection weren’t so damn one sided. Once you tried tenacity and Swift Strikes, HP steal and more HP are inconsequential. As stated previously, this combo reduces TTK to a laughable low amount, making your offense you’re defense. He melts thralls life he was done sort of thrall pit fighting champ.

Same for his level 5 helix. The mutation almost feels like it should be on another level so his cooldown rate can be significantly better. As is, the cooldown helix option at 5 is only for your ultimate. You need charges for the cooldown, but need to use a skill to even have it be useful, but when you use a skill, all your charges are gone, but you want to actually use the charges on a skill to make it that much better. It’s a mess.

That aside, I’d say give him something to make him take less damage. Life Hedronic Neuro Link. Each charge reduces crit damage, to crit immunity at 5. Or maybe a reduction to CC

All in all, I love the character. His late game power is addictive, and if he has some passive defense to complement his enormity and aid him in the beginning, I think he’d be fine.