Attikus Op what is this?

I’ve played through many times and a lot of the times I look through the bars. There’s one right by the start that has a gold kind of diamond shape. It sort of looks like a shard, but seems different. Still, looks super familiar and I can’t put my finger on it. Is it just a shard or is it a reference/Easter egg to something else?

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Are there more on the map? I haven’t played or payed much attention to that op in recent memory.

I think I remember a friend saying that it vaguely resembles a relic from the BL series, but I personally don’t see it as such.

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I actually talked about this crystal in the first post of the Easter egg thread

Nobody has gotten a confirmation of anything yet, so your guess is as good as ours

I kept thinking the same thing about it reminding a relic, but I couldn’t think of which relic. So I started searching and realized how dumb I was being looking through all these relics, all the while it was staring me in the face on every relic… the relic symbol!