Attikus Operation Difficulty

Okay can someone please explain to me why this operation is INCREDIBLY more difficult than the other two? It’s at the point where every party I get into (just got done with 5 of them, back to back, all of them wiped at the same point during Aria) wipes at the final boss? We get overwhelmed in an instant and you have to choose whether reviving your teammates is even worth it or let them take the extra life. Is there any pointers on how to finish this with 85+ ops points because the difficulty is insane. Not even the helioglphage on advance was this hard.

Play solo or with one other player. 3-player ops are exponentially more difficult.

Keep moving is all I can advice, the damage dealt by the adds grenades and her lightning spikes is very cheap and one shotty. it’s a pain

Don’t play with randoms if you’re going to do the game’s hardest mission

Yeah. That pretty much sums up Aria’s boss fight. =P

It would be easier to run ops solo due to player scaling but if you want to run it in a team, you need to communicate and be very well coordinated. Here’s a few precautions I would take whilst running it:

  • Stick close by one another. That way, if you or a team member go down, someone will always be nearby for a revive. Having a healer or a character that can stealth revive is very useful here.
  • Max health or health regen is good to have on gear items. Just to make you that little bit tankier or for regenerating that little bit of health you need just to survive whilst you run around like a maniac.
  • Having a character with strong AoE can help keep the adds in check, just so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Also, you want characters that can burst Aria down as quickly as possible, the sooner she dies, the better off you’ll be.
  • Make sure you have plenty of lives beforehand. It’s impossible to run this as a 3 man whilst at 85 ops points and not consume at least some respawns. At least that way, if someone does die, you have backup if you can’t get a revive.
  • Don’t stop moving. You’ve got to try and play around Aria and the Thralls. Dodge and weave as best as you can. At 85 ops points, Aria can pretty much one shot any character that isn’t a tank. So yeah…

It’s possible but it’s downright difficult.

The key is just to take out the brutes efficiently and avoid Aria’s telegraphed, slow moving one shot lightning bolt thing.

If you have any type of CC to stun or stagger the brutes it’s a fairly simple task with any number of players.

Caldarius is fantastic because his flashbang blind staggers the brutes and opens them up for easy crits, similarly Ernest’s basic actaully staggers the brutes and has them drop shield temporarily.

Even silence will stagger the Brutes and open them up for quick kills.

If you’re really struggling, there is a narrow staircase with a balcony in the back corner of the map you can use as efficient cover, just watch for the brute grenade circles and stay out of them.

You might die once or twice but ultimately the mission is not as difficult as people make it out to be unless you end up out of position, in the open and surrounded by Brutes. Try to ensure this is never the case.


I’ve been in parties where we have 0 deaths and like 20 lives at the start of the Aria fight and we still love all our lives and lose the OPs because she killed us all

The points the anon above mentioned are correct but I do want to point out one more thing that a lot of people don’t do or remember and that I did when I wanted to party up for Attikus OP Mission

  1. DON’T separate and all go your own way. Stick semi close to each other in case somebody needs a revive

  2. I do this and it helps. Pick a character with a Stealth option like S&A or OM and just sit back in a corner and when somebody needs you THEN you move out and stealth up and revive

This works even 100% better with Pendles. I’d pick Pendles and just let the 2 guys do dmg and I’d hang back and just revive them whenever they needed it. Even if they took all our lives down to 0 I’d still be the one left standing and can revive them with 0 lives so it was all good

  1. Let go of ego. There is obviously the one guy in the party that is better than the rest or has better gear or better skills or even just a better character for the job. LET THAT PERSON be the leader or main front line attack person and help them attack what they are attacking.

I’d get so frustrated when I see a low DPS Miko go one way and a squishy Boldur go the other way when I, or someone else, knew what to do and the best way to fight through the mission. Then that is 2 deaths and 2 lives down for nothing

I’d recommend buying drones often and using the jump pads to quickly get from one side of the room to the other. There is also a staircase at the far side of the room that most minions don’t seem to spawn near, it’s just about the safest place in the room so stay near that area while killing the thralls.

I don’t like coming here on the Forum to complain, but when are we going to admit that the grenades of the Brutes are a problem? The circle on the ground means nothing. Often I see the animation of the throwing of the grenade and run, but even though we’re far from the explosion I lose my shield and half health. Apart from the fact they never miss the grenade the speed of it is absurd.

I admit I’m casual and not a pro, but even taking time I got my Bloodborne platiinum trophy . The game is hard, a lot, but at no time do you think it’s unfair. Every time you die you know it’s your fault. In PvE Battleborne this is the opposite many times, as in the absurd difficult that is the heliophage advanced.

Just to conclude I don’t want the story mode easy, but some adjustments should be made made so that it is at least fair: punishing the errors and gratifying successes. What can’t happen is a grenade being a death sentence even when you’re aware of your surroundings and runs it.


The trick with Aria, in a 2-3 man run is to out dps her.

This boss fight more than any other op is a DPS race.

Her attacks can and will one shot. Though outside of her close range attacks (sith lightning, Phoebe ult mutation spin) her ranged attacks are slow, easily telegraphed and have poor hit scanning.

She has six stages, to this boss fight.

  1. She goes on the offensive with minimal support.

  2. She goes into shield mode, during this time she begins to summon and endless amount of support. If you fail to destroy her shield generators, she will have an enormous shield going into round two and emit a near 1hko blast around her.

  3. This is where the DPS race starts.
    Outside of her shield, Aria loses health quite quickly. The moment you hit the threshold, ALL current adds and pylons are destroyed. This is important.

I recommend players delegate responsibilities here. Either split it 2-1 on Aria/adds or 3-0 and go all out on applying the necessary damage output. There is a 2nd floor canopy that can be relatively safe (One of her shield pylons spawns here) though bear in mind, focused grenade shots will wipe the team here.

4-5. Are a repeat of 2-3.

.6. At the higher op levels she will spawn a sister and minimal support (there seems to be less clutter from my experience)

While the clone is alive, Aria is impervious to damage and can be a real nuisance, do your best to split them. The Sister has no shield and can be focused fired quickly. After she’s dealt with only Aria remains.

Out of all the Operations, this one requires the most thought during the boss fight. If you’re just farming loot packs, Toby’s is simpler overall and Oscar’s can be finished in an instant (though it has unreliable 100 op runs) OR just run them solo.

Good Luck!

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Cheering her solo from the staircase is the easiest. Scaling in PvE is an issue and GBX has made the ops/ missions far less fun to play as a full party, especially with randoms. Solo is optimal for the ops (at high ops points) and 3 for the regular missions I’ve found.

It’s not all that hard if you stay mobile. The adds have finite spawns, take them out bit by bit until they are all dead. Stay behind cover when attacking aria, her one shot bolts don’t go through terrain.

If you’re playing melee, just play hit-and-run with her until she dies. It’s really not hard, just change your strategy.

Thanks for all the input guys! I did it solo at 90 ops points and the
difference in difficulty was dramatically less as opposed to 90 ops with
another person.

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Exception: those ungodly Red Spiders in Cursed dungeons.

Even the final Rendain fight can’t beat the cheapness that is infinitely re-spawning spiders that will absolutely chase you en masse straight to the starting lamp, while taking more than half of your HP with one attack… T~T

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I never had any trouble with the mission, Mike’s operation has gotten quite hard even with good partners. I’m just surprised to see a thread about Attikus’s operation.

Not necessarily true. As long as Aria still maintains a certain health threshold (Not moving on to the next phase) She will frequently call in for more reinforcements. IT can essentially be endless, if you don’t focus her quickly.

No it can’t, she spawns Shock Pylons which don’t spawn enemies, she only spawn enemies when she switches phases, and she spawns the same amount of them every time (depending on the ops points)

So no, it cannot be endless, she has no phase in which she continually spawns enemies.

Just Shock Pylons? You seem much more certain then I do, so I’ll take your word for it.

It always seemed endless to me. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Yeah, she only drops more shock pylons after a set amount of time, or if you destroy enough of them, beyond that, she cannot spawn mobs indefinitely.

IIRC, I believe there’s also a 10 minute time limit to the Aria fight that isn’t actually displayed to the player as well, with a mission failure if you take too long. Can’t verify myself, I just remember reading this back when the op first released. So endless score farming isn’t very viable anyway.