Attikus probably requires some changes

I’ve noticed a LOT of people don’t really like Attikus. I adore him and have loads of fun playing him, but even I have to admit there is a lot to be desired. He has issues with terrain which can also hinder his Pounce ability, he is a “late game” character because he relies almost entirely on his helix for any useful abilities which puts people off when most characters start off with decent stats and add to it with their helix.

My point is, while he can be an enjoyable character and a formidable foe (if played very well after he hits lvl 8 in his helix) he is lackluster in his performance and is quite “squishy” for a brawler character. So, I have a few suggestions specifically for his Helix itself.

1: Replace his lvl 7 skills with one lower down on the chain (maybe 2 or 4). Attikus NEEDS to either hit more quickly or gain a bit more health to stay in the fight since he relies on health steal to stay alive in the first place. Allowing him to pick one of these options early on will allow him to be viable before the game hits the 75% completion mark (which in Incursion is key to success).

2: His “Charge Efficiency” mutation should be moved from lvl 5 to possibly 6 (maybe 4, but that seems too low). This will allow players to choose between a decently stable charge level, bonus shield dmg, or killing with pounce resetting cooldown. This is still a decently hard choice to make and allows more diversity in his character while also allowing him the option with his lvl 5 helix to gain some form of health regen/cooldown while he has some charge (maybe reduce the amount of regen to make it more fair or lower health steal of “Brawler’s Boon” to 10% since 15% does not seem to go a long way in keeping him afloat in combat without a healer aka MIko)

3: If #2 does not appeal to you perhaps consider increasing the amount of life steal from his lvl 1 “Hedronic Siphoning”. 15% of 8 damage over 4 seconds (aka 2 dmg per second)… that is essentially worthless until you hit lvl 9 and take "Hedronic Chain and even then it only adds an extra 15% of 4 dmg total to any extra enemies in the area which, again, is fairly worthless unless you’re surrounded in PvE

At this point I must admit Attikus needs a little more “punch” to start with and a bit more balanced scaling as he levels. I feel that these numbers I have suggested might make him a bit too powerful in the right situation so perhaps some more thought could be put into it. Please feel free to suggest anything else and help Attikus become the dmg/defence hybrid he should be!

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I dunno, I just finished playing through a story level and I thought he was just fine. His ultimate could be a little flashier than just clubbing the ground repeatedly, but other than that I only even died once and that was because some cheap shot from behind managed to throw me off the map to my doom. more life steal earlier in the helix would have helped though.

In pve he is great, pvp not so much in the early game.
hes arc skill is alot better than 8 damage over 4 second it says that in the command but in game it says something like 91(i think) over 4 seconds.

I think the 91 is with his standard attack thrown into the equation because that would be an insane amount of damage. I feel he’s decent in PvE, but out of the main three Brawler/Skirmisher characters (El Dragon, Galilea, and Attikus) he is the one that should probably fit the bill of more tanky (I say this because Galilea’s helix mostly seems to focus on offense which they should either fix or…not getting into that here). When I compare him to those two he really pales and it’s kinda sad. I know Galilea is still very OP and El Dragon is pretty squishy, but I just feel like he was build in mind to be a tankyer character and doesn’t really fit the bill. IDK, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the impression I get from him.

His problem is that he’s insanely huge for how much durability he has.
It’s basically Montana but you have to be completely out in the open 24/7 every time you attempt something, which means even a blind man with parkinsons can land hits on you from across the map with minimal issue.
And because he’s so huge and has to “go in” for attacks, he gets bodyblocked stupidly easy by both minions, enemy battleborn, and the level geometry alike.

He either needs more shields and/or health, or more sustain.

PvE is not a metric for balance.

I think his cool downs are a bit too long on almost everything except his ultimate.

I also really don’t like his passive with the gimmicky charge stacks mechanic. You want to use the arc with the ult to you can’t because if you use the arc first then you lose your stacks for the ult. It just feels like a mess.

They have a helix for the arc stacks. It allows you to only use one stack upon skill activation in exchange for kills that would normally grant you 5 stack only granting one. It’s pretty great.

Yes I have it unlocked and use it every time but it still doesn’t solve the issue I am talking about because you are still mostly going to be able to activate the charge on one ability. The exception would be if you are able to activate an ability, quickly kill something, then activate another ability that that seldom happens in pvp (at least not when you need it).

It sounds great i just cant give up 35 health regen though one of the best regen helixs out there.


It works wonders in PvE and in PvP it’s pretty good in everything except Capture. I find it good anyhow, because I usually end up being the “tank” for the party when I play him (lol) so I’m typically near minions.

He also needs some form of weight, I’m sick to death of Marquis or Miko casual slapping me 50 feet backwards when I’m absolutely huge. I mean for a character that relies on melee he gets knocked back and up by everything, hell even an M1 minion slapped me backwards away from a group in incursion >-<