Attikus requires zero skill

that 10 second long stun where i cant do anything is just lol.

a slap in my face i guess.

attikus takes zbsolutely zero askill to play, that is all. hope u nerf his 10 second stun. kinda op dontcha think

This is either very obnoxious troll bait or you don’t know atticus.


10 second stun…you mean his ultimate? Where he can’t do anything while it is active?

Attikus is UP at the start of the game and his only option is to level up very fast to become useful and even then he is extremely immobile as his only tool for this is his skill-jump with a substantial cooldown so you can only use it to engage or flee. Attikus may be the strongest melee-character in the game but also the most immobile.

Maybe he had a gear piece that boosted the CC duration. Im sure ur just over exaggerating witg the 10 second stun, stop complaining and learn what his weaknesses are. He is really easy to beat once you realize

Attikus OP.

Hahahaha, good one!


Feel free to play a game as him. Post a screen shot on how it goes.


It’s almost as good as the “nerf Ambra” post the other day :joy:

cough I respectfully disagree with the OP’s assertion that Attikus is over powered.


Oscar Mike’s hate him! One easy Ult to CC any lane for 10 seconds free!

I will attest to him having the best Ult in the game. It’s CC is literally only rivaled by Rendain. Even the normal version does solid damage. That said, you should take a look at his kit and give him a go. He’s uh… he’s quite the character all right. I love him to death. You’ll certainly learn about what is and isn’t OP by playing Attikus, I promise you that.

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From the feedback he’s been getting, he seems to be regarded as one of the worst characters in the game, performance wise at least. He absolutely wrecks face late game but is kind of dead weight early on, and reaching end game isn’t guaranteed. Especially when there is dead weight on your team…

In my 200h of play, I’ve only ever seen one person do very well with him. Shame.


Haha, great thread man. A nice joke to help cheer me up. :slight_smile:

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I felt like I had to post this about attikus


He got killed by Reyna, now that hurts. Please buff Attikus.

I haven’t had a chance to play as him yet, but if the stun you are talking about is some kind of ground pound action and you get lifted- I know exactly what you are talking about. Had that happen a number of times in a game. Absolutely wrecked all of us in the game. Ive been doing tons of PVP and had only encountered that one game of ridiculous stun lock with whatever the hell move he was doing.

attikus might not be topping charts.

but he guarantees his team a WIN by using that ultimate skill.

Think about it.

He is gonna stun all of you for 5 or more seconds, thats way way way way WAYYYYYY WAYYYW WAYYYYYYY more than enough time to get a kill on some1.

It wasnt attikus himself who was killing me, but his team… because you see… when im sitting there for 5 seconds being tossed around and i cant move or do anything… im a pretty easy target to kill.

all it takes is one more team mate to drop aoe where ur getting stunned and its GG. NOSKILL

At least, it takes one more team mate to kill someone COUGH COUGH Rath COUGH
Actually, i agree about his ultimate need some tweaking. BUT his early game should be buffed like REALLY hard.

For his Ult to do that, he has to have full charges from getting kills, only then he can knock you up like that, its not easy to do.

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This thread should have been called “I got killed and I’m mad about it so I’m gonna have a good old moan”


I been practicing with him and weak early game, you have to depend on turret to kill minnions for stacks. You can only play him hit and run or cards all in. Hes not op, alot of his gameplay is about timing and positioning.

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I’m a master of Attikus … zero skills uhh ? mwahahahaha ! :joy:


You actually ran into just a good Attikus player and a smart team. The move is no overpowered in the slightest and Attikus is very very hard to play and get full stacks to use his ult.

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