Attikus secret stun?

Attikus a Melee character from the faction Jennerit, has a secret stun that isn’t mentioned in his skill summary nor in his helix tree. The skill pounce stuns the enemy when you land on him. This was never mentioned until the character accomplishments at the end of a match, that tells you how many players you’ve stunned. Secret or gearbox forgot to put it in his skill description.

From what I noticed, The stun usually occurs if the victim is knocked into a wall during a knock back move. I played Attikus and if I pounced someone, they’d be pushed away and keep running if I didn’t target them into a wall of some sort.

But agreeing with you, the descriptions need more detail on them like for duration and how much are they affected by debuffs (like slows and weakened).

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I believe all “knock backs” are turned into stuns if they hit a wall, like Montana’s, or Boulder’s.


Okay makes sense.

Gotcha, thanks!

Just confirming that this is the nature of knockbacks. Hitting a wall or, I believe, a friendly Battleborn when you’re knocked back stuns you. It pays to be aware of your surroundings against the tanks!

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