Attikus still needs a buff

He got a health increase a reworked leap, they took the knock up from the ultimate replaced it with a slow ( max charges of course). Now gearbox the issue with attics mainly is the he’s too big, honestly thats it, every character with a ranged weapon will automatically look at you and mow you down, Snipers won’t hit anyone else but you because landing shots is rewarding and why go for harder targets. The moment you step in lane you get exploded, his passive needs a rework because the whole point of building these charges to gain a little boost to abilities doesn’t help. His leap gets shield damage, his hedonic arc procs off of other enemies close to the one you’re hitting and his cult has a slow without this slow his cult is kinda useless. I suggest all the added affects should be built in and his passive should something to do with dmg mitigation. Please share your thoughts

Agreed. I thikn all Attikus every needed was some form of damage reduction. Because of his size he will always be hard countered by range. Pounce almost always has to be saved as an escape.

I like his helixes. Love the lifesteal and damage he is capable of but it’s just not worth playing him against anything ranged.

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I’ll be honest I haven’t touched him since the update, but Attikus is NOT a tank. He’s an attacker. The health increase was to make it so he could leap into battle, apply his DOTS and CCs and just lay down some damage. Before the update I only ever really had problems with him until I hit lvl 5. Once his super was unlocked I could play him and be pretty unstoppable as long as I kept in mind where the snipers were. I think now he’s even easier to play because once you pounce into a group or even a single target you don’t lose who you were attacking. Anymore health would make him a tank and then with the tankiness would come a nerf to attack (look at ISIC who was a tank and a DPS) we dont need another tank.

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No… Attikus is perfectly fine how he is. His large size just means you have to be cautious. He is perfectly fine how he is you just need to be careful.

The biggest issue, in my opinion, was going from a knock back that could stun to a silence on pounce. I think a much better change would have been a slow by default while also changing the level 2 helix slow option to silence.

I felt if you were executing Pounce at the proper times, Attikus would stun the targets so the slow wasn’t necessary, and he could instead go for the 30% life steal helix.

Invigorating Pounce gave him the sustainability he needed to actually engage and possibly live when coupled with the, up to 35 hps regen from the level 5 helix tier. I know many prefer Charge Efficiency, but I find the added sustainability better due to his sustainability issues as he can easily kill a Thrall or player to max his stacks.

Pounce silencing by default essentially forces players to go for the slow over lifesteal if they want to actually stay on the target and keep them from retreating.

While a silence is good, the way Pounce functions makes a slow a far superior and cohesive form of CC for what Attikus wants to do. Between the slow, life steal and silence, silence is the least useful for Attikus, but for some reason is the default effect.

Attikus was already in a rough spot before the patch, and I believe the changes made him worse.

I finally tried him out in a few Incursion matches, and I was hoping people would have been more cautious since this update made him more of a threat. But nope same old stuff. Everyone had their sights on me and had to keep pouncing my way back into a safe spot so I could return to base. I also wanted to rage quit so bad my first match with him, the enemy Marquis just wanted to make my life hell.

The problem Attikus has is that he is melee.

Range>>>>>>>>>>>Melee in this game.

We are all aware that he is not a tank but thats the problem, a character of that size needs to be tacky to survive. Lets compare him to montana, montana is also pretty large and easy to hit but do you know what montana his ti keep him alive? Range, attics on the other hand is forced to be played like an assassin to use him affectively.

Be cautious? You mean popping your head in the lane when everyone on the other team is dead, or when all the ranged characters are dead? you mean play him like he’s a situational assassin instead of a brawler to go and disrupt team fights like the other melee brawler characters those being Galilea, Boldur, Kelvin and yes El dragon because he serves a lot better than Attikus as well. I am aware that boldur and kelvin are tanks, but they can get in a fight and disrupt it much better than Attikus can.

I disagree the other melee characters , are quite affective whether they are assassins or brawler type characters.

I dunno try running the Mordernista on him.

Huh? 20% chance to not take a bullet, HUH? HUH?!

IMO he’s actually a bit weaker now. Especially if you can’t take the pounce life steal lvl 2.

I also dont understand why they nerfed his pounce speed. Its so freakin slow now.

but his size and the attention it draws is a catalyst for teamplay. The issue is the attikus that receives no support. He needs an alani or Reyna to survive. It’s funny that the other team can be so focused on him but his team can be so clueless to him. With support, he is scary strong

Comparing Attikus’s effectiveness to other melees is like comparing Marquis to Montana. He’s more of a disruptor brawler than the other melee’s. His attack speed early on is too slow to jump in and go for kills, his DoT can now wound enemies, and his silence can stop them from using skills. If you’re pouncing into a group and expecting to get all the kills, you’re not playing him to his full extent.

Like most melee characters he works best with coordination. Let your team know who your aiming for, who you’ve applied CCs to, so they can back you up. He’s not a tank, even his subtitles tell you he’s a disruptor. So get in there disrupt the battle, and make sure you have back up.

And if you want to compare him to something compare him to other disruptors. (Minus ISIC because he no longer fits either of his subtitles)

Also @Sumslay I’ve seen full teams of melee (well coordinated groups) wipe out range teams with ease.

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I seem to be doing alright, that extra 400 health is fantastic.

I think the only thing I don’t like is his Ultimate. It went from situational use to never use, anyone can CC you out of it with ease after the first shockwave or two.

I think it still has it’s uses. It’s his only ranged attack, and if you have the mutation that uses only 1 charge per skill when fully charged it’s great for mob clearing in meltdown or incursion. Against players it’s use has diminished, but if you keep your distance it can create great opportunities for your teammates.

I’m on PC which means people can actually aim…

Anyways, some of the specific issues with Attikus:

He is big and sticks out like a sore thumb, which has an impact on multiple things. Yeah, sneaking is more difficult. Hiding behind pillars is more difficult. Dodging projectiles is more difficult.

If he leaps in, he can’t leap out.

If he doesn’t leap in, he must run in and take damage from players, minions, turrets, and the sentry himself.

If you use leap as an escape, you possibly just wasted your charges. Cool.

If you leap in, you can’t use a fully charged Hedronic Arc or Hedronic Eruption.

If you didn’t leap in, there is a very high chance that you are not at full health when the scrap starts.

Leveling can be slow, if your team is competent and gunning down minions from across the map.

Attikus cannot safely attack sentries or turrets.

Characters can run away while you are trying to punch them.

Characters can quick melee you away, then run away.

Attikus is on the slow side.

Minion collision sucks.

Attikus lacks an ‘spin/aoe’ in his primary attack string.

Attikus lacks a range attack similar to El Dragon’s clap or Rath’s throw on his secondary attack.

He lacks a shield.

To sum it up, being melee hurts him becasue…well he is melee. Early game is stressful worrying about getting XP and trying not to feed. Late game you are stronger, but characters still CC you and run away so it really doesn’t matter. Now with the Ultimate change you are less likely to get a kill, and more likely to get yourself CC’d and killed.

Yea I can’t speak for PC, but on console he actually seems to operate pretty well in most parts, and once you hit lvl 5 you can always get the mutation that only uses one charge per skill use, pounce into a mob, get a quick minion kill, use Hedronic Arc, possibly get another kill, back up a bit and use his alt to either finish off or slow anyone getting away. I’m not saying everyone’s aim on console is terrible, but he’s still a viable character in control and meltdown. I never use him much in incursions because that’s pretty much a range game there.

Attikus is beast now, wtf? I mean I agree he could use a damage reduction per stack but if he gets that then something needs to be done about his attack damage.

I’ll piggy back on this to add that I always feel like I have a target painted on my back when I play melee; and even Kelvin melts when a competent team focuses you. I pop out for 3 seconds, bite a minion, and feel successful if I still have 1/3 of my health. Too many games where a single engagement w/ some minions in a lane means going back to base because 3-4 rangers from the other team plinked on me.

I assume some of this is my lack of ability w/ him so far, but in short, I commiserate w/ Attikus woes.