Attikus... sucks?


Hey, now before you start to hate on me those that love Attikus; let me explain. IMO, Attikus is the worst choice in guard/tank role. He has to little hp; he can’t close enough ground even with speed items (mind you i have epic level items which were used in multiple ways) he is to slow. 90% of people are playing with ranged characters… hell most of the characters in the game are ranged in some way shape or form. If you need more details on my opinion then here we go… He doesn’t have enough health to be able to take on a 1v1 with nearly anyone besides melee heros. His skills aren’t powerful enough to make hedronic siphon able to heal his HP to the point in which you can survive mid battle, also tried stacking Hp, skill, and regen items to try and boost the life syphoning ability (Hedronic Siphoning) but as well to no avail…

This hero has so much potetial why is he so fkin nerfed? Please take a look at this character.

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99.9% of players don’t realize you can actually stun people with Pounce if you knock them into walls. Attikus also has a five second knockup on his ult. Both of these abilities are incredibly good for a disruptor playstyle. I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to go running into battle fists blazing willy-nilly as if you can tank 30 sniper shots to the head. If I had a cookie for every time I saw “X character is OP/UP”…

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There are forum sections for each character’s feedback, this should really be discussed in that section. It’s in in the Battleborn Open beta section, if you scroll down you will see a section Titled Attikus.

Any ways, I haven’t unlocked attikus but was interested in playing him. Sucks that he might be under powered I’ll have to try him out though just to see.

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Yea most of the OP/UP post have probably been people inexperienced in these types of games and used to being a one man army with no team work or strategies and run in head first hoping to kill everyone.


@dr_kleese; Yeah Im not just crying. Im literly saying that I spent time from the begining working towards getting Attikus unlocked only to find he is under powered compaired to the rest of the heros. "Knock-up"s or not he is under powered, I can literly play ANY character and beat him and play him in every way imaginable only to find epic items won’t change the suckery…


Personally, I destroy the ennemi team with him, the early levels are hard, but in the end you are the king if you play him well
(Take a healer with you if you have problems)

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Guy, this character is so op its not even funny. He is Ambras hard counter with his innate shield pen. I love you for spreading the message he is UP though keep up the good work! Ill continue going 22/3/13 with him.


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Attikus needs the damage buff instead of the 15% lifesteal in his helix, also his mutations completely remake him. At character rank 5 he gets a mutation that makes skills only consume 1 charge but all kills give one charge. He has one mutation that makes activating pounce give him 30% lifesteal for 8 seconds (I think).

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For those who say attikus is op, you are wrong, for one it takes awhile to get stacks, knocking them into a wall is difficult and chasing enemies to do damage is frustrating, I played well enough games with him to tell you that he is no good as of now.

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Well only 1 person said “OP”…

And just because you arent successful w/him doesnt make him “no good”, its just an opinion right now.

Just saying…

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His biggest weapon is his intimidation imo. You get in, disrupt, keep enemies away from pushing early. He gets crazy good late game. I stack on his health regen and lifesteal in the helix and it helps me just fine. get the movement speed buff with his R1 and you’ll have little problem chasing enemies down to beat them to a pulp.

Maybe i’ve only played against inexperienced players with him, but so far he’s been good to me.

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you’re crazy

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My only concern is his ultimate, although I have only played a few games with Atticus, I feel his ultimate is mostly good for shield melting, I know the fully charged version adds a knock up, but still the damage ( at least pre level 10) isn’t the best, maybe I am using it wrong but I once trapped a thorn in a corner and had most of the shots hit, but the damage still seemed low.

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Played him for the first time yesterday 10/1 k/d he is not up…

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[quote=“Atikus, post:6, topic:1344530, full:true”]
…, the early levels are hard, …[/quote]
This is the best way to describe it. Attikus relies heavily on his upgrades (more than most Battleborn). In the matches I have won (and weren’t against a bunch of n…beginners) I have found that he pretty much needs Tenacity, Dampening Field and Swift Strikes. As soon as he has those and can get in range no one can actually survive a 1 vs 1 with him, except for people who know how to properly strafe him out and lock him down with CC (something I have rarely seen so far).


And you need to just talk about games. Your opinion of other forum users is not required.


I have been playing Attikus for roughly 9 hours now. I m at 30 games and 20 Wins. He is by no means underpowered. Only complaint about him is that he is labeled as esy to play, wich he certainly is not.

(Patrick Manley) #19

One word: Tenacity.
Once you get this perk, and combine it with some Atk dmg/Atk spd gear it’s gloves off. He is difficult to start a match with, but by rank 8, he is easily one the most potent player killers on the battlefield. Great character!

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For gear choices I’ve found damage reduction mixed with sprint speed is helpful; in the early game it is good to leap in and stun then run for your life, get in punches here and there but escape is a big priority if you don’t want to die over and over. In the later game as you get the awesome helix attributes the sprint is still good, because people will run from you or back peddle and swing wildly hoping you die first. Then you can dash after them and get the kill.

I agree that he should not be labeled as easy; it is frustrating playing with him until you realize you have to put in a couple love taps and run like a coward until you level up. After you get his ult suddenly you can at least stand up to the enemy and occasionally wreck a whole team if they get too aggressive.