Attikus... sucks?

(Ssfjustin) #21

This cracked me up.

(Chaseyeatman) #23

you can get stacks from killing minions bro. it doesn’t take a lot of time to kill 4 minions… if your having trouble use your hedronic move.

(Lazloe Longhair) #24

WHAT! You mean, play the objective?!

Surely Not!

(Chaseyeatman) #25

Perish the thought.

(Fyrefox45) #26

The issue with that is if you’re facing a ranged heavy team, which Incursion almost always is, he gets torn to shreds in lane before he can nab minion kills. Every other huge character either has a very vital or primary ranged attack, better defensive moves, or heaps more hp+shield or some combo of all 3. Hes big, hes slow, he cant defend himself from things at range and can’t stay punching ranged character as they flee until midgame. He’s just not well balanced right now, and is almost a glass cannon in his helix with nearly everything just adding moar damage, except hes a glass cannon the size of a house and glitchy approach/escape. He needs more speed or his useless secondary attack changed to a ranged attack (lightning orb maybe, or even a chain whip attack for 15m or so of distance)

(Lazloe Longhair) #27

(lightning orb maybe, or even a chain whip attack for 15m or so of distance)

(Tremadog102) #28

If you get Attikus a Rocket punch I will name my firstborn after you. Well, you know, probably not. :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously though, a secondary attack with more utility would be nice, or as other have said, a reduced speed penalty. Most people seem to believe that it’s only really useful as an opener or on a buildable that cannot kite Attikus.

I think he’s an interesting character with a sort of Spartacus vibe. I just hope he doesn’t end up a forgotten character.