Attikus the weak

Attikus needs a nice juicy buff. His survival is my main concern. As a defender he should not be getting killed so fast, yes he’s a very big target but he needs more health or %of damage done to him. Another thing that bothers me is battleborn get away way too easily. He only has a pounce that will slow. ( If choses in his build) only way you can stun is if a battleborn is pushed into a wall from pounce. I find myself using pounce for an escape rather than attacking someone with it. Seems to me i have to escape so often because his survival is so low for a defender and a melee character. please touch up on him Gearbox it would be nice to see him in a better position. I see many people complain about the same things. Thank you!


I was trying to figure out how Attikus kept stunning me. Good to know it only stuns if you hit a wall!

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I think the health is good yet he def needs a shield buff. He only has 300! Gali has a 2k shield uet Atti has 300?!? Not very even. Atti does have good life leach though and I love to play him


Attikus is a tonne of fun, but super weak at first, and takes some practice and a proper helix build. Which is why his classification as “easy” feels a little weird, same with El Dragon and his in and out attacks.

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One more thread like this… Seriously people, spend more time playing as a character.

Attikus has INSANE amount of dmg. He can stun-kill majority of assassins and healers. Making him tanky would make him unstoppable. If you want to get more health on him get yourself a legendary item for health-stacks.\

The only thing that might need a buff is his lore-legendary. They need to rework it completely imo, since he doesn’t need skill-dmg or the slow effect for his Arc. Give him AS/AD gear with a buff to vampirism and it will be great.


I use shield buffing and health regen items when I use him to good effect. I just state that a 300 Atti shield vs gali 2k+ Shield is a little underwhelming when they have the same health at around 2.7k

That is why Gali is getting nerfed, she also doesn’t have as much dmg

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Very true especially when you get Atti helix that adds up to 60% damage for consecutive hits! I love to play as him and he is my go to choice for the saboteur advanced! His attack bonus vs shields is almost necessary to get past that level in its current state

He late game is strong but his early game is weak until you hit level 5 sometimes level 7 if you have no gear and take the right helix any other character will beat you.
Just looking at his health less than montanas and he has a damage res skill and well as being ranged
Kelvin has the same health but kelvin can stack it and is faster
Isic same health but isic is ranged and has a shield
He not meant to be a tank but he is really easy to kill and if you dont pick type right helixs really bad too.
I see in every forum no he good just use attack speed gear and then get helix i feel he does need a buff to his health slightly and his cooldown times.
Buffing his lengendary would do nothing other than make people want to use that gear more.
If a character is not good without gear there not good.

Atti does have good life leaching helix and his ult is spot on

Wait what gal has 2700 health? I think thats wrong her health is like 1200 to start
Also yeah she has a 1k shield to block and a 300 shield att has a 300 and a charge hook attack instead of a shield
In pve is fine one of the strongest but in pvp he is really bad

I was going off of the lvl 10 gali for health and shield comparison vs a lvl 10 Atti

I feel Attikus is great if you play him well, but the fact that he is so huge makes him a target in both PvE AND PvP. The fact that he has fairly low survivability compared to other characters is the concern. His life steal isn’t great unless you properly spec your helix which leaves such little room to play him in multiple ways like most other characters. Everyone targets him because he’s so big and his life steal is worse than Rath’s due to attack speed (even with helix and gear)

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He needs a buff face the facts man. I have him mastered I definitely have a lot of time playing with him. Not saying he’s complete horrible he just need a buff is all.

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I still dont think gal gains 1500 health in 10 level where as att only gains 700.

For the life steal just choose life steal from abilities instead of basic attacks then the chain lightning ability for his second skill (can’t remember name) and his jump i use more defensively in pvp to escape situations

I will have to check again after work to make sure and will edit my posts to correction if need be

He’s fine… Life steal without a healer , damage up everything if you do…

Movement speed gear and attack speed… Dude destroys. My only gripe is the random directions people go from Pounce. Other than that , he’s one of my favs.

One of the only characters than can take Rath’s Ult head on with all his life steal.

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Eh, some people I see have master unlocked real fast but they are horrible because they mainly do all the lore and grind level in PvE instead of learning to PvP.

What matters most than Master or not is how often the person wins anyway.

And with that, I will say I disagree with the buffs.

Attikus is one of the best char for the 2 sup 1 carry comp especially with his mutator and loadout for damage + attack speed. Everything he does is game changing especially that ult which can shut an entire team for nearly 5 seconds.

After the Gal nerf, Attikus will likely see more dedicated playbase to go for that 2 sup 1 carry comp. I have a friend who I play a support for when he plays Attikus and outside Galilea, he destroys everything because Galilea is the only one who can shut the healing and just outdamage Attikus. Every other char just get destroyed by his huge damage, anti-shield damage, life steal and CC if he gets to that person (with the option to gap close being provided by the support)

With the two sup one carry I agree he is the perfect tank. Unfortunately that requires coordination which is currently lacking in matchmaking