Attikus & Thrall Rebellion Music

DLC 1 has been out for two weeks now. Really itching for a download link to Oscar Mike’s kazoo background music during his dialogues. I’ve really grown fond of it and was wondering if there’s a way to get it.


I also have been really loving the soundtrack in general, have been thinking of trying to record it and putting it up on here for people to listen to (just for people to enjoy no copyright plz) but have yet to get around to it.

Has anyone managed to find it in the game files yet?

Oh, finding and extracting it is a piece a cake;)
Naming it while one doesn’t have access to DLC, that’s a problem. And it’s an embarassing issue when one uploads around 20 Untitleds (found total 32 but few dupes, also some of them may be for Toby’s DLC as it’s files are already there).

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Can you point me to the file names for the AatTR? I can find the Toby Raid audio .upk file but not the Attikus one.

Now, that’s an actual problem mentioned above, that I don’t have access to said DLC, so I can’t identify what is or isn’t part of its soundtrack. I mean, some music sounds “in a mood” of Toby. Anyway, the files: I assumed I could find them in one of the latest (ti October 13th) .pck archives, so I’ve checked
"Audio_PR__0012.pck" archive, in this location
It’s a general mix of Tempest themed and Toby themed music.
It contains both .wwise and .bnk files. Bigger .bnk’s contain some additional/minor music fragments - rule of thumb here would be their size, anything bigger than 1MB is worth a check.

BTW There is also .pck file of the same name in language folder (mine is called EnglishUS) containing Nova quotes about some simulation and Thralls rebellion, so I guess those two are “Atticus…” DLC archives. Surprisingly found no “noir” themed music, was there any of that in the DLC?

Yeah, during the character dialogues, there’s 2 variations of noir themed music that plays in the background. The regular noir theme and then the noir theme played on a kazoo. There are multiple noir themes for both the regular and kazoo version to suit the different character dialogues.

It’s just weird to me that Toby’s Raid is clearly named yet the Attikus Rebellion is hidden.

Edit: I’ve unpacked the larger Audio_PR__0012.pck file and couldn’t find the kazoo audio file. Since it lasts more than 15-20 seconds I searched the audio by file size for anything above 100KB. The ones below 100KB were all half-second audio files of what seemed to be water (Alani?).

I am unable to unpack the smaller __0012.pck for some reason. I’ve also tried __0004.pck but didn’t find what I was looking for there.

Also: @nbrownlie237
So, I took the above as “a clue” and, during my search for Face-Off music tracks, I’ve spent “some time” tracking these “noir” tracks. Was sucesssful …unfortunately: specifically found around 120 of them (lost my caunt) whithin .bnk file within manioned above “Audio_PR__0012.pck” archive, all being small compositons 3-12 seconds long,
Now, these may actually be parts of some bigger track (aparently cut to pieces matching certain dialogies) or a few as you’ve wrote, but FGS above 120 pieces! Good luck assembling this mess :wink:

PS I 'm not totally sure if the result of my “investigation” is correct but it fits the clue pretty well.

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Yeeesh. That’s quite the puzzle to put together.