Attikus- tips, tricks, N' balance discussion

Ok guys so ive checked an the only Attikus thread for tips is outdated and still lists his pounce with a stun.

So ive just recently started an so far tried about 11 battleborn out.
An as of right now, Attikus is my new favorite, so looking for tips, helix discussion, and gear referrals if anybody had any input all is appreciated!

Thank you

Attack speed gear…always choose tenacity helix…i love hedonic arc chaining into groups. As long as atty is punching he is immortal late game.

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Tenacity is the melee dmg stacks correct?

Yes sir…60% after x amount of hits. You will see everything in game melt before your eyes. Attack speed and attack damage are paramount…after those two I usually choose the cool down reduction items…with atty the one that gives 1 second of cool downs for every 2000 damage is king. Once I start rolling his cool downs for ultimate and arc just disappear…if you’re not arcing your in ultimate and if you’re not in ultimate you’re arcing whole waves of mobs to death. He was my first mastered took in this game and my first love

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Oh! And you can sprint full speed at a mob while charging your hook attack…use that as your initiating strike then just roll into your melee combo. If you’re bored then target the reticle for pounce directly in front of your own feet and make sure you have headroom :smiling_imp:

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Youve bin exceptionally helpful. I wish i cld like your posts more then once lolz

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my pleasure sir, enjoy the power that is attikus! be ready because eventually we get the DLC Attikus and the 3rd thrall rebellion!

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Since when can you sprint whole charging hook? He moves at like 75% speed last I checked…

I prefer an offensive build over defense. The exception of this is Hedronic Regeneration, which can give you up to 35 regen a second.

His lore item doesn’t seem like it is a big deal, but it is. Items that give boosts after taking health damage are good, too. Attikus has lots of health and plenty of health recovery options. To me, you’re going to take health damage in the process of taking things down, so work with it.


i would say end of july or so, when they changed his ultimate. his charged hook can be charged now while sprinting…not just moving but sprinting. made the offhand attack actually viable. it is an amazing opener.

… So this whole time I’ve been using him since that massive buff he got, I’ve been using the charge wrong. I was waiting for people to come around a corner and punching them in the face :slight_smile:

It’s still good for that!

Yes but… I could’ve been so much more! I was that guy who was successfully able to use Atty before that buff. Knowing I could terrified people by charging at them fist raised… And I didn’t. I’m a disappointing monster.

Stack all the attack speed you can get then attack power then skill dmg.

This is y helix,1,1,1,1,-1,1,-1,0,-1,

Use pounce to get out, only use it to get in a 2v1 situations. i use his ult like a ranged attack to finish fleeing targets

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Yeah ive bin working on this aspect already. After my first 4 matches of pounce initiating and getting wrekd becuz i land in the middle of like everybody an gettin focused hard cuz hes huge i started saving it for getting out

Dont be scared to retreat early. Depending on your enemy, like Galilea only engage after stun and desecrate or with a teamate, if you engage alone dont use inmediatly punce… She will pull or stun to wreck you

Yeah ive bin getting wreked by stun and slow so im learning when to engage and retreat an just because they are squishy doesnt mean two of them cant pwn my face off lolz.
This game is so good an takes alot more effort then i originally thought.
I played alot of oscar mike to start with an he makes it sooooo easy. My first ever PVP match i went 8k 2d and 13 assists. An no lie, i had my ego running rampant i thought i was the shiz. Lmao turns out oscar is just a mega easy an safe to use character.

Oh dear atikus lvl5 can beat a phoebe and an Oscar mike the trick is… Stacks! At the begining is so hard to know when to use them or save them.

If you use hardonic arc(fullstacks) to beat phoebe first you will lose your regen but get a nice oae and break her shield faster, if pounce right to the same spot when her hp gets low she will get silenced and your shields back probably you can kill her and get full stacks back and that poor Oscar mike will pee his pants, you will get your stacks and your ult ready for mega slow!!

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Taking the Pounce Lifesteal can outweigh the regen when it comes to the decision to maintain stacks in the middle of a fight.

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I’m sorry I would never run that build…ever…like never ever.

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