Attikus- tips, tricks, N' balance discussion

(Undead1) #42

You kno, i dont even kno, that helix choice is not worth the loss of lifesteal on the arc so ive never taken it it doesnt seem worth it.
If it does silence at “take off” that wld be awesome but still not worth the trade.
In my opinion Ol’ Atti needs every bit of sustain as possible

(Kennysded) #43

So you get the melee life steal? If I have a healer, I always go with the increased damage per hit. And the reduced charge usage at five. But only when I have a mostly dedicated healer.

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For a while I considered using Attikus’ legendary again, but stat rolls and a not that great secondary stat made it difficult to justify over VoV.

Good body blocking and smart use of Pounce can make up for no hard CC. I actually find myself killing players with Pounce fairly often these days.

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(Undead1) #45

I always take tenacity, if your landing the hits with arc on the health on hit its makes up in increased dmg.

(Kennysded) #46

I usually go straight damage and speed. Even without a healer I got 22/5 earlier, but I went LS with him that time. And we lost. :stuck_out_tongue: I always use his legendary, great for combo-ing with the speed boost helix on hedronic.

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #47

I feel i’m weird for actually enjoying the regen at level 5, but taking that let’s me take tenacity at level 3 and just punch people as long as I keep my charges. stacking that with regen gear get’s me almost 50 a second health regen, not ideal against a burst…but it seemed to make me pretty self sufficient as a tank.


You’re not at all weird for taking regen.

Personally I find it to be the superior choice over Hedronic Efficiency. There isn’t enough benefit to fully charged on most skills that you would want to be using fully charged all the time, and furthermore there is no benefit to having partial charges with that choice, whereas Hedronic Regeneration will help you even if you only have 2-3 charges.

(Kennysded) #49

I disagree, only because the hedronic on a fully charged ult (particularly with waves of devastation. But even without) is absurd.


I think it’s a little too easy to eat a CC on your ultimate for me to invest that heavily into my helix for something that specific. Level 5 is a gamechanger for Attikus.

(Kennysded) #51

I get that. That’s why I only get that when I have a dedicated healer :stuck_out_tongue: the rest of the time, I’m with you. Plus, it means lot of aoe hedronic’s.

(Undead1) #52

Hello hello hello!
Im effin back mates! Ive bin lurkin for a few days, and ive bin playin again, an im REAL out of the loop!

Im real behind on what i kno, but ive hit the ground runnin!

Im hoping for sum tips to get me and my mate ol Attikus back in tip top shape!

My first concern, is wether there is any new gear to replace what used to be the best for Atty?

Any info helps!

I got trashed on in one of my matches by a small group claiming Attikus “wasnt good” or “worth using” anymore an wether thats true or not im still guna have a blast with him!

(Vagrantsun) #53

Good on you, man. I respect people who dedicate to a main.

First off, they’re lying - Attikus has issues in Incursion, true, but that’s because the Sentry and every other player on the enemy team shoots him as soon as he shows up. Only one lane, you see. Everywhere else, he’s good, and in Faceoff particularly, he’s devastating and easily the top contender.

Now, for Faceoff proper, I’d do cheap gear - a white vial, shard gen, and wrench, all with drawbacks to silly things you don’t care about like reload or recoil. Then here’s what you do: run around and kill Varelsi. All of them. If anyone tries to stop you, ignore them, run away with Leap and running melee, and kill more Varelsi. You can buy spawn points to bring them back too, and supply stations to heal up. You can easily hit level 5 by the first boss spawn, and I’ve clinched 7.

Go punch the boss, and if anyone shoots you pop Eruption and go kill them. They’re lower level and weak, it’ll be easy. Go back and punch the boss for more xp.

When you respawn, kill more Varelsi. Keep doing this until you hit level 10. You don’t even have to deposit.

Pick Scorched Earth for that lovely +240 damage over 2 seconds. Annihilate the enemy team with it, hopefully before the second boss spawn.

Teleporting to and from the boss arena in Faceoff resets your cooldowns. Go punch the boss. If anyone bothers you, kill them with super Eruption. Go punch the boss more.

When you show back up afterwards, go to the deposit point and kill everyone with Eruption again. Deposit 300 or 400 masks and win.

No, seriously, this is how most of my Faceoff games go.

(Ghost Array) #54

Took me awhile to realize that you can still sprint with your hook charged/charging. It’s great to initiate with. I didn’t do this with Attikus for the longest time. It’ll help melt someone’s shield.

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Capture is Attikus’ mode because it gets him to Tenacity immediately now, and a decent chunk of change to go towards a green attack speed item almost straight away.

Face Off he does well in too, thanks to how quickly one can level if they’re being diligent in clearing the Varelsi.

Meltdown is still also doable but you have to be very aware of which lane is bad for you to remain in for too long if there are characters who can quickly focus you in one or the other. Bounce between them getting as many assists/kills on the waves as you can and get buildables up whenever you can.

Incursion’s really tough. Never play him on Monuments, you’re asking for a bad time, Echelon’s not much better.

(Devonte Woodard) #56

Can there be a change to Attkius’ Ultimate. The slow is just not working for me. The knock up he had was actually interrupted the enemies flow of combat. As his description says he is a Disruptor. A slow does not disturb anything.

(Ka-Klaw) #57

It’s supposed to be used to force the enemy to disperse in teamfights to not get slowed hard or to prevent enemy escape. Waves can be missed if they are knocked up I think.