Attikus to Deande - "Always a pleasure ... Mother."

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When Attikus defeats Deande, he says

“Always a pleasure… Mother.”

Can anyone explain the meaning behind this?


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Well… Attikus is a character in Battleborn, and so is Deande. And Always is a word used to describe something constant and never changing. While pleasure is referring to a good feeling or an enjoyable feeling. Mother means a female parent.


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All speculation here but I know Attikus was a thrall that was tested on by the jenneret which gave him the abilities that he has. So maybe at some point Deande assisted in the testing or showed him compassion so he says it in either a detest full way like (screw you kinda deal) or she was nice to him and so he really does have compassion to her which is why he calls her mother. I haven’t unlocked all the lore to Attikus and haven’t even unlocked Deande so I can’t confirm these but it is a thought


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Does this mean Whiskey Foxtrot is a father? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Whiskey and Deande are apparently A Pair.

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I know they have something going on, I just had this scene in mind since I red the topic title and your post just gave me the rest xD

Actually I think he might referr to her as mother because of her far higher rank. As Thrall he is mere canonfutter in Jennerit culture. Maybe a weid thing of showing respect or even opposite, to taunt her.


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yeah I believe this is only speaking of a metaphorical mother, not literal.

or hope?

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Interesting idea.
I just thought about Jennerit and recognizied that Ambra has several callouts when infight with Thralls in which she calls them “children” or “stupid kids” (at least in our german version of BB) so I thought: maybe its a bit like the Psycorps from Babylon 5 were these family-titles are used to clarify the state of power. The big company of “The Corps” enforces obidience through using parental power, ensured through this creed - “Corps is Mother. Corps is Father”.
So all members of the Corps see themselves as children, to be led and guided by their parents.

In Jennerit culture it could be practice to call all lower species in the Empire “children” to clarify who has the upper hand. True Jennerit would be on the stage of “Parents”, with the power/force to reign over their “Children”.


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That is probably what it is.

And Attikus is certainly saying Mother in a taunting kind of way.

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Interesting find! I can say with certainty that there is no inference in his lore surrounding Deande. We learn quite a bit about the chronology of the Bb timeline and find that Rendain was a good guy but turned during the second major battle aginst the Varelsi. We also learn that Atticus led the rebellion of the good thralls to break free from their Jennerit masters, still serving the non crazy Jennerit leader, Lenore. This actually leads me to speculate that Lenore might have some connection to Deande, as they never explicitly say what happened to Lenore and that the faction divided into those loyal to her and Rendain.

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Deande was handpicked to become the next spymaster, and was pretty much trained to counter Rendain should he turn evil (in her lore). After Deande replaced teh previous spymaster she would always report directly to Lenore. The Jennerit spies were already onto Rendain long before he took over. They were already onto him when Deande was still a child!

Lenore is probably still alive, and I personally hope she will become a DLC character. Maybe is some sort of twisted or different than expected form. But Rendain clearly hints at her survival in the prologue.


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attikus also has lines like “i take no pleasure in doing this, brother” when killing thrall in story. neither of their lores indicate a connection. the thought of attikus climbing out of deande’s birth canal is trifling. so like deande saved caldarius from jailing, maebe she gave “new life” to attikus by freeing him from the life he was forced into. attikus is so born for this…BATTLEBORN


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Well, Attikus was experiment upon, and it was those experiments that gave him his intelligence. Maybe Deande was behind them and he thinks of her as his mother because she essentially “gave birth” to his intelligence and sense of identity? Before the experiments he was just another mindless thrall doing what he was told. Afterwards, he became his own man.


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His lore conversation with mellka :slight_smile:

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Considering Ambra’s a priestess (right?), and there’s a “cathedral of the sustaining mother,” I always thought her remarks and others were of a religious nature. Like people calling a god father or mother, or female saints, etc.


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If you play the voids edge with whiskey foxtrot I think he says something about asking Deande on a date in that one bit of dialogue that every character has that mission.

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Ambra calls almost everyone ‘children’, even allies. “Gather around, children.” Both because she is a priestess and she believes herself superior to them all.

I’m not sure about Atticus relationship with Deande, but give it is a thrall talking to a sustained, perhaps it is normal.