Attikus to Deande - "Always a pleasure ... Mother."

(#MakePandoraGreatAgain) #21

Maybe it’s also age. Since she is a sustained, she must be older than dirt making her view non sustained as young children.

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(Thrall Lover) #22

The Jennerit also seem to have something of a matriarchal society (Order of the Sustaining Mother), with the Empress Lenore being referred to in the maternal sense. Superiors would also be referred to in the maternal sense (Matron Divia), subordinates as children (see: Ambra’s dialogue), and equals in the sibling sense. It’s tens of thousands of years of social hierarchy molding.


(Jaleelhopes) #23

It’s June and all of this news to me! What if she’s one of the new 5 with Pendles and Alani?


(Bas Ruijs) #24

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe with dark varesli powers. Infected or something. Galilea had a ‘sun’ accident as well. And Lenore was very likely hurled into the Varelsi dimension just like Solus did at the end of the story. It came back so maybe she will as well. It would be a very cool character twist/development. Lenore as the dark empress.