Attikus Ulti Change

Hey Gearbox Devs can there be a change to Attkius’ Ultimate. The slow is just not working for me. The knock up he had was actually interrupted the enemies flow of combat. As his description says he is a Disruptor. A slow does not disturb anything. Is it possible to have the knock up back or a silence?

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The knock up was an over kill with any decent team… It could stop and kill 5 players by itself.

The slow is amazing to finish runers, slow and destroy minions and thralls. Its ult deals a massive dmg.

You cant use it blindly… Like you cant use isic ult and hope to dont get cc out of it.

Attikus is a character that needs good awareness of the enemy skills/position to use it.

What he needs is an inmune to cc while ulting lvl 10 helix like ghalt.


That last part, they should have unstoppable rampage have that effect

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Maybe if he is fully charged it has the slow effect along with a knock-up once per character. That would bring him along the lines of a disrupter. It wouldn’t be over-kill like it was before knocking everyone up every time it hit. That ult was probably as bad as Rath’s and Orendi’s were. Rath nearly killed any squishy with a single Ult and Orendi destroyed waves and/or nearly killed any squishy with single Ult. Then there was Attikus. Who was able to secure a kill on anyone he hit with his Ult on any decent team. Once you were caught in his Ult it was almost impossible to escape.

I feel that as a tank, his ults should be along the lines of either burst damage or something that helps his defense. Securing kills on someone escaping should be something for assassins. Tanks should be a distraction that can keep the enemy busy and deal goof damage when left unchecked. They shouldn’t be used to chase someone, which is exactly what Atti’s Ult is made to do.

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But attikus is not a tank… To be a tank he would need a way to mitigate damage. Montana and shane dr, galioea and isic shield, the bastard named boldur who has both dr and shield.

Really depends, meltdown (besides bull crap paradise) attikus actually tanks pretty well level 5 past, now incursion, NOPE not at all

What do you mean with tank?

He can take damage well in incursion


He can take damage in any mode but like i said he has no way to mitigate it.

Ppl say isic is not a tank but he has 3 ways to mitigate dmg.

A well supported attikus is the best assasin. You can use pounce to body block, has a skill to prevent healing and just today attikus ulted me 100-0 (orendi) that stupid heavy slow didnt give me a chance to turn a corner or anything.

We didnt have anyone with hard cc like a knock up, stun (we had miko but he laged in green bars), push or pull.

Edit: while he ulted i used nullify to try to escape and get some shield. Didnt work

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Even though he can’t mitigate in the traditional sense, he CAN tank

Late game he gets enough health where you need at least 3 people to reliably try to get him down, otherwise he will beat the ■■■■ out of you

A reliable way to tank meltdown as attikus is Hedronic drain (sorta good when used on a wave, sorta) and invigorating pounce (amazing) and most importantly the helix where stacks give you a total of 35 health regen (forgot the name)

ISIC is not a tank because besides the shield, his defensive items are not good in any way (wards are only useful for reflecting enemy fire at this point) and he gets melted fast

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I can melt attikus with orendi… He has a huge crit spot!

He is big and slow, any ranged hero can take advantage of that.

Let me see if i get this right: 15+35 %life steal and 35 regen is more tankish than negate and reflect all ranged dmg + extra shield + extra shield recharge delay and a frontal shield?

Aren’t you ignoring that attikus has more health, better escape, better wave clear, better burst dmg, and isn’t it just harder to hit someone that’s in ur face beating it in than the guy 20 ft out with a massive critical that’s moving slowly charging up shots?


If you melt attikus with orendi there is something wrong, attikus easily melts and beats orendi. You will do miniscule damage to him as we move unpredictability (as much as he can) and he will kill you QUICKLY


Well i play evey bb in the game and i know how attikus operates.

First he flanks, he needs to cut as much space as he can undetected.

If i see him i ping him inmediatly to focuse fire while he tries to get in your face, thats why he has such a massive hp pool. Before the hp buff he got melted faster.

If attikus cant get in your face he cant do anything at all. Thats why he got me with his ult… I got out of position, that stupid corner lol.

Isic has a massive crit spot yes, but he hits hard specially if he crits, his aoe got removed because he was to strong at everythig.

If we are in a same skill lvl match btw isic and attikus, isic will win all the time.

Better escape? That bugged skill that sometimes makes you land in the exact position?

Better wave clear: yes but isic had a superior before the nerf.
Burst dmg: not untill lvl 7
If you let any meele get in your face, is your fault.

You are SEVERELY underestimating him, a good attikus late game will kill just about anything, and if he can’t reach you (which he definitely can) he will just destroy a wave. Yes it is a good escape, saying a bug that does not happen much makes it suck is flawed logic

Attikus is also a team player, Hedronic eruption is at its fullest potential in a team fight. And critting a attikus consistently everytime is EXTREMELY unlikely, and in a 1v1 showdown, he will kill you while you’ve done little damage. Not to be an ass, but you seem to be looking at attikus very one dimensionally


One of those 2 killing the other in a 1v1 seems like it would be impossible to do with out at least 1 bb on either side joining the fight and that wasn’t what I thought the argument was anyway.
If one team is trying to spell Tank with attikus and the other team is trying to spell Tank with isic I’d much rather be on the team with attikus.

I’ve been arguing this since they changed him. But…

This is untrue. It’s a heavy slow, unlike his old ult you can escape it, but it can pin down a team or at least cause enough of a disturbance to force them to abandon lane.

He has that on his Pounce. Though I’d prefer he had the knock-back again, I agree that he needs his CC back to once again make him a disruptor. The AoE knock-back on Pounce was as disruptive as a skill came (save for Galilea’s Desecrate) and the wall-stun was absolutely brutal. I feel Attikus lost his edge, he’s still a monstrous late-game character but has a much harder early-mid game as he can no longer secure early kills as easily or disrupt an entire minion wave as efficiently as he once could. Pounce is almost exclusively an escape now where it used to be a great utility skill, though timing was critical and still is.

35 HP/second and two forms of life-steal can somewhat mitigate damage, combined with his enormous health pool he can take a lot of punishment and stay in the fight for a very long time. If he had DR or a physical shield with his health pool, heavy slow and escape, he would be on the verge of unkillable and wildly OP. He is a tank, but a situational one.

ISIC has this very problem, and his crit spot is central making it easier to hit. Big and slow is the marker of a tank in any game, that doesn’t somehow prevent Attikus from being a tank, or being able to tank.

That’s hardly an argument tin favour or ISIC or against Attikus. Before the nerf, there have been a lot of hotfixes/patches since then. Kleese could heal his team for 120 HP/second just by existing before the patch that nerfed his heal chair, that doesn’t make him a superior mid-late game healer to Ambra today.

I know attikus potential, he spikes lvl 3, 7,10 survavility lvl 5 and movility 4.

Attikus needs to be carried before he becomes a monster, i know how powerfull he is late game, but also i know how easily he can get harassed out of lane.

With attikus is all about the right distance btw you and him. He needs lvl4 to stick to a target, lvl 3 to build dmg, lvl 7 to increase his massive dmg and lvl 10 to destroy teams with the aoe (if the right conditions it can deal more dmg than pillar storm).

Yes in meltdown he can farm exp and charges, but in a competent team who knows how attikus operates is a matter of time/strategy to take advantage and break their buildables and harras them to spawn area.

Without charges attikus lose a lot of power, he needs to be sneaky to get out and build power.

Is like reyna, she can be an awesome solo healer if she hits lvl 4, before that the enemy must take advantage and push hard.

I dont know why ppl dont understand how powerfull isic is… Same with attikus. But is harder to make isic usless, its easier to constantly harass attikus out of lane.


Fair point but dont forget about shields and how they negate crits, isic by helix can get 240 extra shield. Rotating wards give 1.5 shield recharge delay and his phisical shield.

Lets be honest, if there was an isic and attikus in the enemy team, who would get harassed constantly. Their main roles are different.

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A tank doesn’t just need to mitigate damage, it just has to be the target everyone tries killing.

You kinda prove he’s a tank when doing this. You ping him trying to make him the target for your team, and if your team does focus him it will leave them distracted and the rest of Atti’s team comes in and attacks while you’re focused on just one character. He doesn’t need to last forever to do his job. If you gang up on him close range a Deande, or Oscar, or Ambra, or any other character with a nice Ult or multiple ones can come in and strike you while you’re focused on him. His sole purpose is to get in your face and deal high damage to you either killing you or leaving you open to his allies. It’s hard killing him in a 1v1 situation if he manages to get in your face. His lifesteal makes it that much more complicated.

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